Bliss can be a choice

most of the times it is tied in with the allowing of gratitude,

the constant pulling your mind back into the awareness,
the continuous reminder to breathe into your belly,
to fill your lungs with oxygen,
to relax your shoulders… and your jaw… and the dot between your eyebrows….
the validating of whatever is,
the knowing that you are safe,
you are,
and you are loved,
and supported,
and seen.
Even if you don’t feel you are….

You are not your thoughts or the words, these swords slashing

Just tune in and offer this gift to yourself:
see yourself,
allow love to move right into the soles of your feet,
hear the beating of your heart.

Right there….
Quieting down the noise and listen in.

That space, no matter where you are…
The bliss is right there, right here, inside of you

Just breathe.

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