Why FREEDOM is what we really need

Love Miss D Boudoir Photography

there used to be a time when I thought my body was not my own
it was shameful to reveal too much,
it was inadequate to think I’m beautiful
it was unwanted to celebrate my curves

this is gone

There is nothing more beautiful than a human being feeling totally relaxed in their own body
totally calibrated with their body, mind and soul
totally ecstatic about life and taking pleasure in it all
totally feeling the love vibrate through each and every cell
breathing and pulsating with joy

Our highest vibration is FREEDOM

drop the shame and lift your bliss
drop the burden and fly high
drop the doubt and be who you always wanted to be

deep down inside you
there is that voice calling

wolves are in tune with that wilderness
panthers run through the jungle with ease
dolphins leap out and into the ocean
all of nature celebrates this instinct

slow down
take a breath
feel your heart
relax into you body
into your pleasure
your sensations all awakened

the fountain of youth quivers right there in your womb
she knows

if you want to dive deeper into this join other goddesses on the path to magic
become alive with bliss and ecstasy
let’s run this marathon of joy

let’s celebrate our wild calling and EXPLODE our lives into cosmic abundance


All photo credits to Love Miss D Photography

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