Affirmations won’t work, and this is why!

I just adore how pleasure is completely THE TAP to manifesting.

Most spiritual affirmations and visualisations don’t work.
And I’ll tell you why:


Once you unblock negative emotions, let them ravel up in a safe container and integrate the aspects in yourself that were hurting for years!
All these stories create all sorts of discomfort, physical pain or toxic behavioural patterns…

you have to transmute not only on a mind level,
but also on a BODY level!

(thank you universe for making me enter this life as a dancer and get really in tune with my body! I love you 😀 )

And that “feeling part” is what most people don’t want to do, don’t know how to do or are afraid to do!
They believe that FEELING BAD is going to spiral their vibration down and stop them from manifesting their dreams.
(law of attraction saying: low vibe attracts low vibe….)

OMG! this couldn’t be further from the truth!

ONLY when you actually transmute the FEELING IMPRINT (yes in your body!)
THAT’s when you’re ready to FULLY RECEIVE what you deserved and desired all along.

you matter stone

You see, blocked emotions (feelings that are there, but you don’t allow to fully feel) create false beliefs and false stories!

The ego and hurting personality LOVES that, because it feeds on FAKE SUCCESS
This way it can create more ways to feel more pain and more self loathing and more of that icky – shitty stuff you never actually wanted

Blocked emotions undermine your “ability to feel full pleasure”,
and therefore create false desires!

yup, it goes way deeper than that!

when you actually integrate and heal, you naturally gravitate towards new desires, new goals and new beautiful connections

Your soul KNOWS what you were here for all along, you just need to allow your soul to fully flow through you

I’m seeing that a lot of us dancers and body artists get really caught up in the technicalities of “how to do, do, do….”, the technique, showing up, doing, running, auditions, classes…
and that’s good of course:

but there comes that point when you are “DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT!”… and you’re still not getting into that company, or dream job you so badly wanted…

and here’s why:


On an energetic level, what is happening is that you pull all the energy AND wisdom out of the body
you become mind-driven only
a bit like a robocop-body

when you disconnect from your body’s knowing on a much deeper level then… your actions are fuelled and driven by external direction
what people say,
how society acts,
what your mum told you,
what your teachers said was true,
what you should be/should’ve been doing…

rather than fuelling your fire from within.

This does not only happen to dancers btw…
I feel like our whole society is running on this pattern sometimes!

Truth is:
when you KNOW
when you LOVE
when you CONNECT with your SOUL

you’re just ready to create instant results (FROM WITHIN!)
you naturally strengthen your inner compass (REAL GOOD STUFF – RADAR)
and that’s where REAL FULFILMENT hits the fan in life.

that stance simply allows no time and space for all the BS mentioned above.

Once you jump on to the boat to freedom, well there just simply IS ONLY BLISS and dreams coming true!

you can just provide and give yourself all the things you need
you allow yourself to be in the flow
you allow money, love, results and bliss in RIGHT NOW

there never was any other way, really…


Stop wasting TIME on your monkey-mind that you could invest in SERIOUS STRATEGY to create your soul’s dreams

Stop giving all those stories the ENERGY that you could use to fuel your REAL CREATION / MANIFESTATION
(yes with seriously cool dream jobs)

take a stance today
If you’re ready for this u-turn send me a PM!

(btw non-dancers will benefit equally!)

You know in your heart if this is for you
If you’re not getting thrills and chills down your spine by now, it’s probably not.

I’m opening spots for 1on1 now to activate instant results from within.

Schedule your session following this link!
Come ready to $$$$$$ in yourself!

It’s time, and you know it is.

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