Are you dreaming… too small?

your world will flip upside down in a minute and click into place like a cracky hip-joint.
Get ready for the swirl!
So I’ve been super passionate about people’s dreams this week.
I’ve been asking friends, family and clients about what they would love to create in their lives.
The old self in me would have reacted with:
“aww that’s so nice! I’m happy for you!” (smile-pretty-face)
And trust me, it truly IS sweet & all that jazz when people tell me their intimate dreams, but here comes the bomb.
Oh wait!
Noooooo…. let’s make this fun!
(I like fun 😉 )
Let’s play with you too:
so, before you read on, just take a little moment to visualise your biggest dream!
Truly feel into it, or write it down on a piece of paper… and then return here….
Ok, you did it?
You didn’t?
argh cm’on! you party popper lol….
no seriously now, this is real shizzle! DO IT! (thank me later)


P5080194 - Essential Oils

Alright alright…. well-done back pats for the good boys and girls who did it. (wink!)
here’s what I found:
most of you out there have cute dreams and projects you wanna do.
Yes! I said it: CUTE!
yeah…. they sound “lovely” “please your mumma” type, ya know “this is what your friends would love for you…” awwwwww
Your dreams actually won’t come true…. and I’ll tell you why!
Your dreams don’t f&%$ing SCARE the SHIZZLE out of you enough!
And because they don’t scare you enough, you relinquish, you settle, the steam will go out, you won’t ever make it.
That’s right!
Sorry, but not sorry!
This is actually the compelling part, you see:
Only when I dropped into the big-bum game was I even able to talk about the stuff I really want to talk about (just like this MF kick-ass article, tehehe).
Only when I understood the true calling behind my dreams (waaay bigger than me in my little world) was I able to align with the higher purpose of mini-me in the big-wide-world and how other people’s presence alongside with me would we create true long-lasting change in the world (I mean BIG LOVE earth style) !
And only then did I start taking committed action and FEEL what my soul really wanted for me all this time!
Allow myself to TALK to people, SHOW myself to people (yup, even massive emotional release in front of big groups, screaming, yelling and crying the whole out of me, drop that shame bit$$).
Only when I dropped my ego mind (yeah, ego can be a friend too, but most of the time it loves you being small and cute, because it can tear you like a starving beast whenever it pleases- enough you f$$$er).
Only when I felt the roars of my BIG BOLD DREAMS did I grow a real parent and mentor within to hold myself accountable (no more excuses, no more messing about).
Truth is, we KNOW what we truly desire!
We also KNOW what our fears are, and we keep hiding from them.
(Let’s not swirl too much anger out, or frustration, as that’ll get you back in the lock-down-no-creative-self rut- IN THE PAST!)
What a flipping DELUSION!
It truly happens this way.
But you see, you’ve gotta be ok feeling the discomfort first and feeling the edge of the sword and you’ve gotta drop the armour down that is trying to protect you from feeling the stuff you don’t want to feel (shame, guilt, anger, lack of this and that).
And it just takes the bigger bolder you to appear and be fully embodied.
Here I am in California, with 500£ in my bank account (my old self would be flipping shameful about saying it – IN THE PAST!), about to set off to Hawaii next week, and touring around the world (total inspired call to action!).
Some people would call me crazy, but I know that I will be totally fine!
(TRUTH baby!)
And you will probably PM me soon to ask HOW D’Y’DO THIS?
And I’ll be smiling and say:
welcome to my world, baby!
It’s wild and gorgeous in here, wanna play?
Book some time with me!
hehe… nope not joking!
You just want to be there, in the free flow!
Yes you do, and your soul knows it, too!
That’s what souls do, they align align align…
And now it’s up to you to figure out: do you want to EXECUTE your dreams BIG-TIME or leave them there in the airy-fairy open….
are you going to waste your dreams or MAKE YOUR DREAMS?

lisy sunset - santa monica 2017

(Santa Monica Beach, L.A. – California USA 2017)

2 responses to “Are you dreaming… too small?”

  1. I love you! Seriously, this piece brought tears. The fact that our dreams coincide and that you actually penned it down is beautiful.


    1. wow! what a joy to read this! thank you, lots of love xx


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