Doing what you love and being paid for it really isn’t rocket science

(it may just require a couple of tweaks)

We all have dreams.
We all desire something specific.


I mean, even if you’re not sure, somehow you know there’s some things you prefer over others?!
So, why is that we don’t have what we really want yet?
What is the deal with ACTUALLY living the lifestyle we love?
Making enough income to fuel more of our passion?
Having the most fulfilling relationships?
Spending most of our time doing what turns us on?


We get used to commodities and comforts.
Even if they sting and hurt, we actually have amazing amounts of capacity to settle in the discomfort.
It’s kinda crazy really that we allow ourselves to remain in that space and get used to this sadomasochistic behaviour.
If there was a tiny rock in your shoe, it doesn’t hurt, yet you can feel it’s there:
would you keep walking?


You may keep walking for x-reasons…
laziness, it’s too small to make fuss sitting down and retrieving it, maybe you don’t want to delay your group, or maybe you just postpone it to later, or what about you’re so disconnected from your body you genuinely don’t even feel it’s there?
-whatever it is…

At some point that rock may actually annoy TF out of you.
You need to twist and toss your foot everytime you step…

It will distract you from fully being in the moment, enjoying the landscapes.
You can’t really move freely.
You get it, right?!
So what happens is: we can run around in life with tons of these rocks in our shoes.
And we don’t remove them.
We just relinquish in there.
So let’s look at your hurting rocks, right now.
Let’s scan them out:


How do they show up in your life right now?
Who is surrounding you that’s harming you?
What situations keep depleting your energy?
What behaviour have you adopted that is throwing you off board? or wasting your time?





We create all kinds of illusions and scenarios to justify why our desires are not attainable, worthy, deserving, possible even. Yes love, I’ve been there!

Our mind is fascinating, truly.
A hidden cavern of stories…

Some are conscious and most of them are actually active without our full & conscious consent.

We hear this over and over again, so I won’t develop too much here.
However, I’m going to leave some juice for you:

What if you could never ever fail?
What if you never were to lose love, appreciation or validation from anyone?
(including yourself)
What would you do?
What if you could never feel “bad” regardless of what you said?
How would you express yourself?
What truth would you speak?
What’s your new story?



wow this is a powerful one… we are sooooo afraid of rejection, it’s almost un-REAL.

Now, have you ever considered that rejection is your power?
Lemme put it this way: “saying no” is the best gift you can offer yourself, because it reveals the power of your YES!

The first time I ever had to truly face and speak a powerful NO was when I had an abortion nearly two years ago.

I had never truly harnessed that power until that day.
Trust me, I did not see it as a gift in that moment: I was fucking scared!!

With time distance I can see:
Not only was I saying NO to creating life in my womb; I was rejecting to be seen as a burden in my pregnancy (the most beautiful and powerful position I can imagine a woman to find herself).
I was saying NO to a life as a mother who was not supported.
I was rejecting to place a human being into this world without receiving the celebration and dedicated love from both parents.
It didn’t feel good.


And here’s what I found:
I found my voice and my true desires!
I felt what it is like to be a sovereign being and stand my ground for the things that truly move me, for love and for my truth.
I made space for myself.
I left the relationship that had been creating so much havoc in my whole being and I set myself free.
I allowed to be ignited by spirit, by love and by the fire that was brewing in me all along.
I allowed myself to go for my dreams all in: no more half-assing on anything.


This life is IT!

Ask for what you want.
Just say it.
Don’t make any excuses ever for a life that doesn’t feel 100% yes.
Don’t make anyone’s wellbeing more serious than your own.
It shines through when you walk your talk.
Your empowered actions speak for themselves.
What is 100% good for you will eventually be for everyone surrendounding you, also.
Because they will FEEL your truth.
They will KNOW you mean love.


What are you afraid to say no to?
Who is in the game with you?
Who are you trying to please / convince / justify yourself to?
What would love say, yes or no?
What would your best inner mother/ inner father say?



Living in the flow they say.
But what does it even mean?


I never really understood what this concept was until I started to be paid for what I loved doing.
Truly allowing the universe to shower me with financial abundance.
Whatever the amount!
The source of allowing is very much in the noticing that what you desired is coming your way, right now.


And then, the minute it happens! Gahhhh BLISS!!! 🙂
I believe in harmony and in doing things that feel 100% good.


I never pitched my page directly, I focus on creating heartfelt content (only when I feel fully guided to).
This is how I keep my integrity with myself.
I swore to myself I will never ever have to struggle or feel desperate about doing things.
So my blog posts, are all about creating this way. Trusting.
ALL THE WAY! Allowing…
The universe knocks on my door with a new idea, and all I need to do is hold space, write, create a video, share a picture with a short paragraph.
Boom! That’s it.


And then, when the cash comes clicking into my account I celebrate the craze out of it!
It feels SO GOOD!!! :)))


Only this week, I had my very first client who ASKED me to mentor them!
I never forced anything, all I did was show up.
Expressing myself fully.
Radiating the energy deep from my heart, fully connected to the universe and love and my highest vibration.


Miracles happen all the time.
Will we notice them?


These a merely a few insights on living my dreams.
It’s literally a summary of what I live by, 4 little nuggets of empowerment just for you.
It may be different from what you wanted yesterday… so what?


Sending you much aloha-love from Honolulu, Hawaii 💖


2 responses to “Doing what you love and being paid for it really isn’t rocket science”

  1. this is very inspirirng for many like me who are in a constant struggle between dreaming and living in the real world. thank you 🙂


    1. you are so welcome! 🙂 much love and joy to you creating your dreamlife, you deserve it xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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