You get to be IT – will you dare to?



Oh the joys of JOYS I’m feeling today!!!

I never knew how TRULY I was born to do what I do until I started to work with my dream clients.

I never grasped the size of my IMPACT on people, until I started to magnetise those amazing beings who are bold and true and daring enough to defy their own BS, fears and all the rubbish we got told was ours, until my own clients dropped it all and started to rise out of the ashes.

I never understood the ways I could PROPEL real transformation until those same women and men I am head over heels for would say they feel like they are a different person altogether, sometimes only after 1 single session.

I never even experienced the SWELLING of my heart and the joy that thrilled my whole body until the victory of a client rings through the call with a roar, or a message or an email and we both get to celebrate her so much I would shed a tear or two.

Wow, if there is a way to name the PLEASURE we feel when another takes pleasure… I have harnessed that ability today especially!

Today I created so much magic with two amazing women.
Today I shifted so much in my being around success.
Today I received and received and received.
Today and everyday, this is a new reality of mine.

I am a powerful being
I attract powerful beings in my life, ALL THE TIME!!!!
I am a creator, I am a magic weaver, I am a healer, I am a catalyst.
I am a magnet for success and love.
I am beautiful and radiant.

I am elated.
I am soooo on purpose!

I looked back today:

A year ago I started to own up to a new possibility.
9 months ago I decided it was time to change.
6 months ago I left my dance teaching career in London and launched my new business adventure.
5 months ago I was about to step onto the plane to my first world trip destination.
3 months ago I made my first considerable sale.
2 months ago I had my first 1K day.
1 month ago I launched my first ever live webinar on Sex Magic.

2 weeks ago I felt like I died energetically
My bank account completely drained,
I cried live on a video about my shame and my embarrassment, I thought everything was going to end here & would need to go back home and give up my dream.
I was lost.
I hated my marketing.
I hated my business.
I just didn’t FEEL IT.
I had started to hate myself again, fall back into my old ways.

It all revealed itself:

I just had fallen out of love’s embrace.
I stopped trusting.
I started to make things about me, rather than see them for what they were:

Signs of being catapulted onto a new level.
My old self had to die.
She had to expose herself.
She had to see that she was outdated and no longer fitted the purpose!
I felt the pain, I birthed the death self out, and gone she was!

And within 48hrs:

A friend deposited a gift of $500.
40 new friend requests.
Friends as well as strangers from all over the world reached out and opened my eyes anew:
they’ve been watching me, they’ve been noticing me.
They’ve been connected to me. Sometimes silently, until THIS VERY DAY!
And then, I found my dream coach who I will be up-levelling more with. A woman with a deep soul who KNOWS!
I connected to my heart mission again.
I decided I would make it all about love again.
I fell in love with making it about love first and foremost.

Last week I taught another sex magic class.
70 women connected with me in person.
25 jumped on the live call.
Over 30 women watched the replay.
It hit a huge success! Women were inquiring, asking, sharing, expressing, crying, joyfully celebrating this beautiful connection to loving their body, their being, their LIFE!

I started to host my coaching calls again.
This time around with a whole new set of women and men.
Phenomenal transformations like never before!

I’m up-levelling more and more.
Bali on Sunday will be bringing new elevations, I can sense it in every BONE of mine, every single CELL!

I know this is the REAL DEAL!
I know I’m on the right path!
I just KNOW, and I HAD to commit.
Leave the past.
Burn the bridges.

I learnt that I AM the safety net.
I AM the goddess.
I AM the catalyst.
I AM the one propelling people into levels of LOVE they never knew existed.
I AM the one who will be revolutionising the marketing plane with a whole new set of gears!

And it’s all about LOVE!

When you fall so fiercely and madly in love with your life, with yourself, with everything you create from the roots up, there just is NO other thing you’ll ever need.

YOU get to be IT!
You already are!

Hold your heart.
Hold your yoni.
Breathe in, contract & hold.
Now exhale slowly and fully, relaaaaaaaaax!

Your heart’s been waiting for you.
All this time, you’ve been looking out… for YOU!

Welcome home.

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