Are you a chameleon?

I always thought my success had to come from my own doing alone.

I always believed that the only way abundance, joy and love would come to me is if I did more:

work harder, longer hours,
connect with more « likeminded souls » so I could be entertained,
do everything to make people feel good, modify and change myself all over so that I could be loved more.

The chameleon lifestyle.
You tint by the colours of your environment.

This is wonderful news to the saboteur in us all.
She loooooves to measure all the temperatures and colours outside and quickly shift them so balance is achieved; to thereafter beat you hard when your colour keeps shifting back to your « ugly » own.

All the while this trick may work wonders for real chameleons in the jungle, it depletes the human who is yearning to be free.
Wildly free.

Now that I’m journeying around the world and assisting amazing human beings into a life that’s wilder than their dreams this truth here keeps hitting home that I’d like to share.
It would be highly counterproductive to keep taking the chameleon’s path.

1. a strong leader needs to be ok with the pain, their own and especially other’s. Pain and rough edges are a natural symptom of growth.
When a client is shifting through her own stories of distress, discomfort and discord she is actually expanding.
« Changing colours » immediately would completely rob her and myself of the power of the process as well as the beauty of true victory: elevating into a higher plane of love as a natural aftermath of pressure.

I often feel like a midwife in the process of journeying with a client: we both breathe and push together into birth and the peaks of oxytocin. It’s tremendously beautiful.

2. Making things about me and my success will always set me up for low vibes.
My client’s and my own most powerful breakthroughs came when I hold space from an elevated place in my heart.

We live at the centre of the huge orchestra of the universe. Our heart IS connected to it all: our dreams, our tribe, our experiences are all weaved together in the mass of the cosmos.

Nothing happens from our own doing alone: we congregate with the universe on everything that comes our way.
Whether it’s conscious or unconscious: the magic starts when all the instruments tune in together to create a mindblowing symphony. What a pity it would be for a sax to feel bad and attempt being a steeldrum, right!?

We owe it to our power within to vibrate at our very unique tone. Sing baby!

3. Toning down my voice, my needs, my gifts in hope of gaining greater love from my loved ones (including family) and clients is a miss most of the time.

You can’t please everyone.
You can’t work with everyone.
You can’t save others before saving yourself.
Your family and friends may never understand what you’re doing and it’s not fair to leave your decisions into success up to them.

The world out there needs you. Seeking immediate validation from all angles will destroy your business as well as your love for life ultimately.
Be brave to grow into your own wise mother and father.
Be bold to show up for those who need to hear you out.
Be fierce when it comes to speaking up on truth, yes even if it’s ugly!
Dare to say no to clients!

It’s the real you, the wise real deal who will sell your programs out! Not the desperate run amok craze!

Your partner, your friends and family might never get you: love them anyway! If they honestly care they will care more about your inner joy and genuine happiness than « what you put out there ». Dare to have conversations that stir up and propel more love. Dare to draw limits and boundaries!

4. MF’in elevate like never before!
It’s a treacherous path to walk where nobody walked before you: you got this!
Keep going, keep shifting, keep doing the biggest challenge first, keep believing.

Success never comes planned: it will always surprise you in the lurky corners.
Be courageous to slay through the wild.
Bring your wolves with you.
Create connections that support your journey.
Ask for help.
Offer someone a hand.

Us wild women thump for heartfelt connections: there’s tons of us out there. Howl louder!

Remember the stars you’re made of!
Ignite your gold!
You matter!


2 responses to “Are you a chameleon?”

  1. It’s a powerful thing to realize that I am not responsible for how others feel.

    No healthy soul enjoys causing pain to others. But we can’t help it. Goodbyes are tough. Unmet expectations leave marks. Seeing others change around us is frightening. And yet these all invite us to expand our own hearts, as well as to reevaluate our own truths.

    Lisy, you’re an inspiration. Your voice is beautiful. Keep singing!


    1. much love to you, so glad you’re finding some gems in this!


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