2 years ago…

Hello my loves,


wow, I can’t believe it’s been 2 years that I have launched this website and officially shared it on social media with my friends at that time.

at the time I had only published one autobiographical article and no clue what my business could look like.

I was a dance teacher desiring to help other dancers to feel better about themselves

So much shifted since.

2 months before that I had had an abortion that literally transformed me and my life.
This blog here was the brink of the huge movement I was about to step into.

If you had told me 2 years ago I’d be going on a world trip with only £500 in my account I’d probably tell you, you’re flipping crazy!
I’d never do that!
That’s dangerous and mad!

If you had told me that in 2 years I’d be visible to a wide audience, be interviewed and openly talk about sexual liberation, womb wounds, my own abortion and my setting-free of my toxic relationship I’d probably run into a corner and hide with shame and fear.

If you had told me that in 2 years time I’d feel happy, free, empowered and have my fire lit up by life and by the amazing women I help transform and heal me alongside, I’d probably burst into tears of hope and doubt at the same time.

I’m actually crying now, because it takes hell of a force to pull yourself out of the slippery slopes when you’re hurt and weakened by the bars of your own cage.

I can see now how they were mostly self-inflicted constructs of pain and I’m so grateful I got to this point of realisation.
That I see this exact moment even come alive is a miracle, after how deep in the gutters I was and suicide had crossed my mind many times.

A long journey of wound licking, trying new things, trying something else, allowing help in, allowing love in, allowing power back in, taking leaps of faith, taking bigger leaps, jumping off cliffs, higher everytime…

And so today I celebrate me, I want to celebrate the courage I’ve taken on to make this possible for myself and to show other women that it is possible to turn anything around in life.

It’s possible to throw it all down, creep out of the mess and build a new empire from scratch.
It may take what it takes, but once you do that thing your soul’s been calling you to, it all seems to fall from grace and you get to choose it all again.

Over and over and over.
And you get to rise.
You get to feel good.
You get to create and be free.
You get to find the hold in love.

There’s only 2 possible ways to live by,
one as if nothing was a miracle,
the other as if everything is a miracle.

Thank you Mr Einstein:
I choose the latter now.

Thank you for your ongoing inspiration my beautiful hearts!
I love you so much 💖
you have no idea!!! 💥💥💥💥💥



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