Why I do the gratitude thing…

So I’m doing a course right now to upscale my manifestation game.
Both for personal reasons and for professional reasons, as nothing thrills me more than to learn more, thrive more and find new ways to do the shizzle we need to keep doing (I’m a creative being and my brain just needs a lot of variety, I can’t do the same rituals over and over, meh… I will never stick to it, and that’s ok… I found balance!

My balance is to be ok in the wild changes of my being.
My kinda balance is to create when the time is right… and so you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a couple of months…

yup! that’s also a way to keep sovereignty with myself.
I made a vow that I am no longer pushing. No longer trying to be, do or say anything that doesn’t feel in flow. Full stop.

So there I sat writing away on today’s task, GREAT-FULLness…

What blessing has been given to you that you might not stop and recognize often enough?

I have a beautiful blessing right amidst. I am GREAT-FULL for the life of freedom and remoteness that I’ve chosen for myself.

Travelling the world.
Learning so much.
Meeting new people.
Being exposed to new challenges.
Finding solutions.
Being stretched and educated in so many ways.

I live in a bungalow right on the beach, on a beautiful quiet Island in the tropics.
I’m able to sustain myself emotionally through all the peaks and lows.
I have a whole support system in place, family, friends and so many generous strangers.
I’m privileged to travel alone, as a woman.
I’m privileged to teach from my deepest place of passion and love.
I create income and beautiful connections to support my ongoing journey.

I can wake up at any time I desire, I can choose to take it slow and do lots of self-care on the days I may feel depleted, or just like taking it easy.
I actually am so GREAT-FULL for having the freedom of managing my own time, energy and space.
That’s a huge gift. An asset I don’t value enough.
This wasn’t the case only a year ago, when I was still tied to a schedule, whether I felt like working that day or not.
I loved my job, but this kind of freddom really is something I desire to celebrate so much more.

I also have complete freedom over my creative energy and I get to decide how I present my creations into the world and when (or not at all, even).
I have such an honour in my heart to be connected to powerful beings, conscious friends, wonderful heart-centred humans, who not only care for their and my highest good.
We’re all devoted to the highest good of the planet at large, consciously choosing to activate our assets, hone our gifts, pour our talents out to benefit the collective.
I’m allowed to play and ride th wave of flow, untethered from anything that me and the previous generations were taught.

I truly have manifested becoming the creatrix of my own reality by CHOICE!
Follwing my calling.
Listening to my gut.

I also understand that this may not be what everyone needs or desires, and I’ve made peace with that.
This lifestyle came to me through an alchemical process of visions, to have faith and utilise the tools I’ve picked up along the way. To consistently planting the seeds of the ether into matter. Hearing the call and making a mental note. Then taking action step.

One by one. Queuing with the divine, asking for miracles and the next step to be revealed to me.
I hit multitudes of layers: fears, doubts, blocks, hurdles, so many painpoints and I have to keep continuously choose to shift them.
I’m aware this is an ongoing journey and I’m so GREAT-FULL for every single time I choose to show up and own it. To decide that I am taking this journey on.

Both realities exist.
It was AND wasn’t meant to be. These two possibilities are valid.
I decided it will and it now is.

It’s so easy to forget. So easy to take things for granted.
It happens all the time.
1 week ago I was freaking out about what bungalow would be better to hang out in, when truly one year ago, all I desired was to be right here!
Just being here. On the beach. Hearing the waves as I slumber into my sleep and waking up to get my feet soaked in the wet sand as I inhale the turquoise with my eyes.

How would I know that I grow?
How would I understand the scope of my own magic?
How would I measure my dreams coming alive?

Magic is real for those who believe.
I’m (GREAT-)FULL of magic and miracles.


One response to “Why I do the gratitude thing…”

  1. I’m GREAT-FULL that you are in my life to inspire me to greater possibilities. Love this article… we truly don’t always see the magic right before our eyes until we remember what we were seeking in the past has come into reality through trust, faith and persistence. Truly all is possible if we believe! So simple to say/ sometimes difficult in practice/ and always true!! Bravo 👏🏽


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