Manifestation BS, or?

Manifestation BS, or?
Who do you become in the process?
Why do you chase the thing you desire?
I see this “spiritual bypassing” BS over and over and I just need to call it out right now. And even though I feel a little uh-oh saying it, I won’t be easy on this because I’ve done this myself and well…. it didn’t lead to very much apart from mental illness, more denigrating beliefs, more drama and less actual doing, less feeling, and so less growth.
Think of the thing you want they say!
Be clear about it and then it will manifest they say!
Stay in the vibration of already having it they say!
Hold the vision like an eagle.
Tap into it everyday.
Sit and meditate on it.
Write it.
Chant it.
Eat it.
Breathe it.
Did you do all that?
And it didn’t “work” right?!
And here’s the actual story:
you start to doubt.
You make it about you.
You try to “fix” yourself.
I must be doing something wrong.
She got 5000$ in a day why didn’t it work for me?
Oh and the girl found her soulmate and I’m still single after x years. Not a man in sight.
Or worse you try to “fix” others according to your reality.
Oh well, I’m trying to get my boyfriend into Reiki but he just doesn’t “get it”. He doesn’t know he needs to heal and won’t “see” through it. He’s just not on the same wavelength…
Should I break up?
Maybe he’s not my soulmate.
Ah yawn, my family will never accept that I’m going vegan, they still are on low vibe foods.
You secretly blame it on the course you bought.
You did all the exercises and you still can’t get to manifest that mf’in Vuitton bag. The car. The house. The beach location. Whatever you put on that vision board. Should have kept the money.
Alright, enough!
There’s a big fat lie coursing through our modern society and that is that we need “external things” to be happy and I’m sorry to say but the spirituality-freakshow has made quite a big money maker out of this by turning it somewhat holy to “want things” and selling you all the tools by waving the shiny golden tickets on the other side of the greener grass.
Oracle cards, meditation, yoga classes, crystals, malala beads, vegan stores all cash in big on this.
Nope, I’m not bulleting the consciousness quest.
Read me out.
I’m a mentor for Goddesses and I stand by going for your dreams, always. And I love “woo”…
However (and this might seem quite paradoxic) I won’t stand by the woo-woo-bling if it doesn’t actually stretch you as a human being and allow more love into the core of you.
And I also won’t sit quietly nodding if what you “want” puts you into this frenetic spiral of becoming a woo-addiction-junkie rather than getting on your knees and pushing through the tides of the ego-joker.
Many of us desire “things” because we don’t want to feel the pain of the past.
We want a relationship like this and that.
We want a business that earns this much.
We want we want we want….
Hey wanting is great, it moves mountains, but when we want things out of protection, out of a past hurt, out of disappointment from a past partner, out of fear of failing, out of a subliminal desire to “feel better” and therefore “feel different from where we actually are” (incl the trauma, the hurt, the limiting beliefs) we unconsciously build this huge manifestation vault in our energy field.
Because now we don’t want from that childlike, openhearted, joyful, expansive state.
We want it because deep down we can’t face feeling “un-protected” “not-loved” “not-supported” “un-accepted” “not-desired” “un-worthy”.
Those are of course lies, but they aren’t to our manifestation game. Until we’ve unraveled and peeled back those layers, this clogs up all the paths for the universe, because we became so darn rigid!
So yes, meditation, oracle cards and yoga are wonderful tools, but they shouldn’t distract you from coming closer to yourself.
Into more intimacy than ever before.
Into more vulnerability that allows real divine love to flow.
It’s really not so much about how many “pokemon manifestations” you collect and what they look like, but more so about the things you shed and let go of on the way.
About the person you grow into that you’ll feel proud of, in mad love with, the life that is here right now that you learn to worship.
About how you relinquish the tension and find ease.
Love for all of it.
Being ok with all of it.
A state of joyful surrender and curiosity.
A fun flexible stretchy band.
The person you become on the quest to conscious elevation is so crucial for ALL that you’re here to co-create with the universe and all the laws that run the magic quantum soup.
And there’s so much we don’t know.
And being ok with even THAT.
And then it won’t matter whether the guy pays on your first date or not.
It won’t matter if your family thinks you’re a weirdo if you don’t eat meat anymore.
It won’t be a big deal whether you’ve made the 10K this month or this year.
There will be a sense of deep love for all you are, and there will be a sense of power that is completely relaxed.
Completely in the flow.
And in that space is where it all comes back to the shore and you’ll feel grateful for the miracle of you, feeling the pulsation in your heart, breathing in and out, and the magic of holding this other human being’s hand while you gaze up at the stars, because it took all of these divinely orchestrated moments to bring you right here.
To the now.
To the tender palpitation of the cosmos activating itself in and through you.
Right here and right now.
So do you still want what you want?
And why do you want what you want again?
Is there something else you were actually hoping to get through this “thing you want”?
What is it?


Dancing Lisy

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