the small print… to building a business from scratch!

Everyone can do it!
I mean seriously… I’ve been completely mind blown by the infinite possibilities of starting a new venture, a project or a platform and how flipping EASY it is nowadays!
Everyday there’s thousands and thousands of new ideas pouring into the world (and social media since that’s our new virtual world): life coaches, meditation circles, designers, travel journals, gemstone jewelry for pets, even up to turning your pet into a freakin’ star all the way to needle head art production in all kinds of colours…
(please tell me you just went off to google that… and fell off your unicorn because it actually is a thing! xD )

Hear my humor! I’m really stoked, though, seriously!
Isn’t it amazeballs?

You can have an idea of a business and literally start selling within minutes from a personal page on FB or Insta. Need a website? Huh whatsdat?
Some oldskool tool?… lol! (just joking… ya ya…okaaaayyy…. catching emails via opt-ins still counts to make you look more pro…) mind you, you could do that through a salespage account that doesn’t even require a domain! Nifty, eh?

You see the cool shiz is actually not about starting or deciding whether or not to start.
And if you’re thinking of opening your new venture… I’d love to know if you take a 360 degree turn and press down on the MF’in accelerator for the BEST reasons after you read this blogentry!
(I wish someone sneaked this medicine into my breakfast gulp a few years ago…)

The hitch isn’t about the kick-off!

I spent eons in that phase.
Don’t Go.
Shiny object – follow that….
Argh ok GO this time.
Hmm what if.
What about?
Ahhh this course tells me how to build 7 figures in an hour…
Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.
Maybe I’ll ask a “dreamclient” first.
What if it doesn’t work.
Ok screw that, go now!
Why would I be successful.
I bet nobody needs this.

OMG… did you just get the impatience-bug-bite, too? (and got fantasizing about clicking the “X” at the top of the page…)

Right…. me too!

And you see this is EXACTLY what happens with ideas. They hit the “X” on you if you take too long, because someone else out there is waiting to make her the Queen of the Day and just get Ish done!
In actuality, an idea seldom walks alone. She always brings a bunch of guests.
When you tap into the universal flood gates and crack the codes…


And truly it doesn’t mean they’ll all be worth mentioning… and here’s where I’m getting!
You are the orchestra master here.
You DECIDE AND (… the less graceful act) WEED that gunk out too….

We all want to have the business turning into gold, but that’s just not going to work the 1st time around. And maybe not the 2nd and very likely not the 3rd either.
But if you never start because you want it to be perfect the first time ’round, you won’t hold the tidal changes!

Your ideas need space, time and energy to grow.
There’s momentum in all of them. Some divine juju of sorts.
There’s momentum in YOU, my love!
I did a major pitfall in my business when I finally got started:
I dumped ALL my savings into programs, coaches, websites, email campaign creators and meeting set ups. When I get the ROI (return of investments) down the line, it’ll be all worth it!
And sure as heck did I learn one thing:
I nearly dumped my whole business including myself into the gutters…
Never did I think about this idea being sustainable over the long haul, enjoying the slow yet steady ride, allowing this baby to grow fully nurtured all along, rather than burning off the steam after the first bang.

Head over heels in: no looking back, all bridges burnt!
All the while that kicked my ego so well: after all I had the law of attraction on my side!
It WAS DESTINED to work, right!? (yup… I also believed the coaches who claimed my magic was the best way to bring clients in) until I hit the wall!

Subconsciously I was still acting from my biggest pain point: CO-DEPENDENCY! 

No more cash to pay for food, nor my ongoing journey during my world trip.
Massive pressure of needing to pay for the coach I had just signed for… freaking pushing my way to success, duh! Experiencing scarcity and lack flippin’ all over again…

It reminds me of the times I used to idolize my ex-boyfriend, desperately imagining him into a better partner than he was.
One day we’ll get married. One day we’ll get it figured out. Sometime in the future he’ll make an effort and show me he reallyloves me. Someday I’ll stop feeling a knot in the pit of my stomach coming home.
Oh, why am I overreacting: he did “this sweet” thing the other day.
Duh… 1 great thing in a million meh’s still counted right?!

I confess… most of that was of course never about him.
It was about me not reading the signs.

It was about me blindfolding myself over the terrible truth that maybe our relationship needed massive help, probably me first actually.
It was about me not truly checking in with how I wanted this life to play out and take massive action towards it.
It was about me rather hoping for things to go from ok to just a little better and being content with little flaky “signs” of betterment.

Reality checks are hard.
I hate them.
But running from them doesn’t make it better.
It took me falling pregnant and an abortion to realize our visions were just completely different.
In my business it took me being on edge financially multiple times, begging for cash input from family and friends to just barely make it and understand that I’d been feeding an expensive hobby that looked more or less pro, but was driving my soul to creative exhaustion.

When starting and supporting my business, I didn’t count on the main asset: TIME.
Time to allow things to grow gradually and sustainably!
Yes, TIME is actually an asset, not a currency.

I entered this biz-relationship the way most of us enter a hot love relationship:
taken by the ooze and breeze of idolization and then holding on to this perfect shiny picture we drew from the beginning (despite things being fully misaligned).
Somewhere along the lines we forget to check in with who we are becoming in the process, with how we are breathing this life in and out, respectfully holding sacred space for our partner (or biz in this case) to display to us what magic and miracle they actually are.
We completely miss these points.
We just want this “thing to work”, “work right now” and then bully them into shape so they can feed our hungry lust cravings and sell our soul for peanuts.

Nothing in this life is worth more than living with all your senses activated exactly where you are.
Breathing where you are.
Being present with where you are.
Growing as nature (or soul) intends you to.
Feeding yourself first, honing in the responsibility, taking a step and fully FEELING it.
Allowing it to steep into the core of you.

Most programs out there tell you that you can skip time with cash.
That you can be “smarter” by “slaying the damn figures with spiritual woo” within a day or a week and that you have it all inside you already.
And when you’re on the brink of starting, this all sounds soooooooooo tempting!
Just like that hot sex last night already gets you fired up about marrying the guy, having kids and travelling the world with 3 homes in your possession.

Look, I wish I could tell you the opposite, but the shiny-glitz-glam fools us.
It goes to show that a lot of us spiritual workers get entangled in the gripping social disease of co-dependency.
All the while I adore spirituality and yes I do believe in Angels and all the woo, too; I can see how there’s a lot of beauty in taking messy action and walking, in checking in 3 or 4 fold before stepping, in taking joy in the process of learning to become a bad-ass entrepreneur, to be fully immersed in the “making” and “acting” right now, rather than spending my days on projecting what could be, before test running it.

I created my first online course from scratch.
It was soooo flippin’ chaotic.
Looking back I can see all the things I’d do differently now.
How I’d wire the marketing this or that way.
How I’d offer these payment plans.
It was a stretch, OMG. I’d never done this before.
Had I remained in my head and the projections of perfection, I’d still be twiddling my thumbs.

I’m a work in progress.
It’s never over.
I’m learning and taking the steps everyday.

Starting is not the biggest step.
The biggest culmination comes when you waddle through the mud, when you get lost and come back on track.
When you hit that sale for the first time and jump hooray.
When you completely burn things to the ground and start again, bigger better bolder.
When you feel like you’re a hot mess for weeks and this client writes you a long lovenote that makes you cry and it all pivots 180.
The days you feel like quitting and you do and then you wake up with a new idea and turn it into gold dust.
When you figure out you’ve been running against a wall and finally find there’s a door. Oops.
When you’re daydreaming about a hot shower because the cold water in Thailand is refreshing but, you just want the beautiful luxury rainfall one and stand there for 45mins straight.

It’s ALL waiting for you, on the other side of starting.
It’s ALL worthy of being experienced.
WORTHY of you letting yourself have the experience of victory.

Walk the steady path.
Walk the slow path.
Get help. Learn a bunch.
Take time out.
Allow things to flourish in their own divine time.
Make a ton of mistakes.
Then come back to your canvas and feel pumped to the brim because it’s YOUR effin’ CREATION!

And you’ll thank your younger self for taking that first step.
You’ll feel her courage for having kept walking because you’re right here.
Hear the thanks from your old self saying the same to you now.

Here’s to a life worthy of your soul.
Worthy of all your breaths.
All the inhales.
All the exhales.
All the heartbeats.

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