Incantation For Your Inner Goddess

Incantation For Your Inner Goddess


You’re an extension of the infinite.
The Goddess. The Queen.
She has no limitations. She simply is.
The pleasure you get to feel is her gift to you.

The more you surrender to the infinite well of pleasure in your being, the more you’ll understand the blueprint of this capacity to hold more of yourself in this never ending space.
You’ll get to claim it all.

Because you ARE it all.
Stretch into the place where you deserve it all.
Breathe yes. Exhale no.
You get to receive.
All of it.

Regardless of the validation.
Regardless of there being a man or multiple or none.
Regardless of there being someone to listen, or multiple or none.
Regardless of there being anyone seeing, or multiple or none.

Feel the power of the Goddess that can’t be touched with your skin alone.
See how it’s all an extension of her, through you.
Every human touching your soul is a blessing.
Every step you weave on this path was a divinely orchestrated part of the dance all along.

The universe is our infinite lover.
Our co-creator. Our heartfelt partner in crime.
Throbbing in you with multiple O’s.
Showering you with grace.

Allow me to thrive, I’m your inner Goddess.
I’ve been walking with you since your first breath of YES to life.
Let me bring you more of the divine that’s yet to come,
To show you the sense of ease and flow.

Yes, that subtle feeling.

No gripping.
No tensing.
No shrinking.

There’s no being too much.
When there’s more, there’s always more.

More love to go around.
More freedom to fly for.
More dreams coming true.
More magic and miracles.
More fierceness.
More passion.
More fire.

Abundance birthing, pouring over and exploding fireworks.
Yes. Yes. Yes.

You are wildly too much!
How else would you feel me?

The ocean doesn’t question whether her waves are too high.
She relentlessly throws them to the shore.

With grace. With power. With gentleness.
And so it is!



Share the love with a Goddess in your life who deserves it all.
That special lady, who just like you will own her “too much” all the way, because she KNOWS she’s here for a big cause!

Fan her flames. Let her know how beautiful, strong and so subtly astute she is!
Meet us in the circle of the Wild Womb.
There’s never been a better time to be woman.
A Wild Woman.

Wild Womb Course
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– Light your Divine Fire –

with Lisy

Divine Activations for your
Mind, Heart and Womb Connection
10th-14th October

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The Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams is here.
The time is always NOW!


Let’s do the thing!
This Free Course starts 10/10

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