My Tears into the Void

Gosh, I’ve been crying in bursts the whole week.

Rooting deeply into my feminine essence. Being reminded every day that she gets to dance wild and free, being reminded that it’s all a decision, a heart opening wider, holding space for the Goddess in every woman to rage and rise with wild abandon, that the more I surrender and steep stronger into her with my own feet, the more there is permission in the world to do this for every girl, every woman, every sentient being.

Many people say that there’s a moment you feel the tipping point. The moment you finally scale to a new level of mastery.
It brings me to tears over and over to see this in myself now, finally!
And then it releases. I let go. I’m there, I float in the void again until it’s time to move again. On to the next.

But for now, I’m in this dark magical void crying my eyes out. The unknown, the wild wild jungle.
I cannot really describe or put into words what it feels like to be connected, because there’s SOOOO much in my heart, in my body, in my womb, in my spirit. I keep hitting new layers of this vastness in every woman I meet, every moment I breathe deeper and gaze into her eyes, even if only virtually. It’s like I take a deep dive into the cosmic force through her.

There’s so much beauty in this journey of connection to our feminine essence. So much healing and outpouring in bursts of love and bursts of mystery.
And then, there’s gratitude.

barefeet through the jungle, Koh Phangan Thailand

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