Love – An inside job

(I wrote a scribble exactly two years ago that never saw the light. Brushing the dust off, completely raw & unedited, and here it is)

It’s such a different game when everyone around you oozes conviction and strength into you, pours love and abundance over you…
yet when you realize your true power within, when you actually feel it through and through, with every cell of your being, every atom vibrating and filled up to the core of that knowing…
in THAT game you seriously start to move mountains…
and what everyone else is saying or doing even starts to lose momentum next to the speed you are moving at.
The internal vs the external.
In that inside space, your whole being knows what is right, it just knows because the intelligence that our true divine light contains, is so much smarter than what you even think it could be.
Ease yourself into this, relax and feel the intelligence of your divine nature, feel how every particle in your physical body cooperates to operate at the maximum function for all the other cells.
The same works for your energy field. Your energetic particles are working at a high rate all the time.
I believe that if we tune into the knowing of the cells and send intentions of love and strength like a circle moving inwards, it affects everything around you. The power is multiplied.
Love is the fastest language in the universe. The gates to this may be opened by the love of others, but you still need to be willing to walk through the doors of your own love yourself.
That experience is beautiful.
I’m catching glimpses of this more and more.
It’s magical.
Learning and sharing.
The magic probably takes place in the fact that we stop trying so hard, we don’t “need or want” so much any more. We see what is flowing towards us and we play with what is provided. We dream and envision, and we see how these dreams and visions start moving towards us so naturally and easily. We open to the multiple ways we are being served and looked after emotionally/mentally/spiritually. The shape is often very different from the plan, but the fulfillment factor is the same, the feeling imprint is the exact same as the visions.
And isn’t that what truly matters anyway?
Lisy xo


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