The 1 THING about DECISIONS you may know, but don’t USE enough

(or how I turned Santorini-obsessed!)

Somewhere ‘round October 2015 this date started to frighten me: the upcoming February 16th & the anniversary of my abortion.
I sure as heck wanted to make sure I’d be in a beautiful place that would make me feel the love and high frequency of healing.
Perfect! I’ll go out on a trip on my own and celebrate Valentines day in the same swoop!!

Radical Self-Love

But WHERE? 😱

Santorini pops up… keeps popping up
ok lemme check flights…
400£ duh…..
that’s a lot… but oh I’d LOVE TO GO!!!
– OK, Universe…. get to work!

Days go by… Dreams about cliffs, blue skies and infinity pools….
Wakes up…. checks flights again…

>>>>>> 179£!? <<<<<<<<< 😱🤯
rub my eyes and hit buy on that baby!

I didn’t know Santorini was hot dang expensive!
No idea how the rest of the cash would come about with my shitty dance teacher salary but I just held in there!

-this is a deep soulful desire (ya know, the ones that make your goosebumps STREAK!)
-it’s for my own highest good (I DESERVE to take it slow, ESPECIALLY for that time)
-worst case I don’t board

Well lemme tell you what ACTUALLY happened:
– I booked 2 nights slightly over the cheapest – got immediately upgraded to honeymoon suite on arrival (oh YAY! I’m having a lush first night)
– following day I get a flipping 4 person villa with private rooftop terrace on sunset (where I danced like woohoo – you can scroll down all my videos…. good luck!🙈🙊 there’s bunches)
– find myself a lover who lavished me with food, the rest of my accommodation completely for FREE plus infinite access to hot jacuzzi under the stars, beautiful greek wine (though I only drank a glass… haha)
– revisited Santorini 3 times within 6 months with more woohoo
– envisioned ALL my adventures (hawaii, quitting my job, kickstarting my biz, worltrip plans…. you probably know the rest)
-tapped into my pleasure potential like WOO-hoohoo 🎉 (pun intended as I teach Sex Magick)


if 1 thing’s on your heart.

The universe can only give you the EXPERIENCE OF ULTIMATE VICTORY the minute you say YES and take MASSIVE RADICAL ACTION.

(there’s even more to add to the list above, but I think it’s pretty dope enough already! 🙄😎)

So tell me, what was the biggest freaking manifestation juju YOU co-created with the universe?

I kinda wanna know now 💃🏻



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