>>>>> (and enter the digital no(mad/man)’s land)
I did many trespasses on this journey but one didn’t get me gold and that was to do things out of DESPERATION.
True story: I was a successful dance teacher for kids
Did I hate it? No
Did I love it? I did, because I do many things for passion and this was one of them.
Yet I felt like this wasn’t bringing me more growth.
I actually quit my job on a high. I was making around 2k a month, most of the months more, which is considerably high for an artist in London.
I was earning my highest salary ever.
I was committed and so devoted. The kids truly filled my heart and soul and you may ask anyone who saw me teaching: they knew I meant the shiz when I was on the floor.
However, something else was calling my soul.
Was it scary? Oh yes!
Did I love it? Actually, no. It was the hardest thing I’ve done so far.
Was it worth it?
Heck yes!
I found the courage and stamina to run in places I never thought I did!
It got really ugly many times.
Have I figured it out?
Am I a millonnaire?
Haha, not yet.
I did cross some hurtful events on my journey:
**hiring a coach that didn’t deliver and actually left me hanging 2k less in my account before going off on my world trip
yup that sucked!
**then I entered a program with hard sales tactics and blow-off confidence, like selling empty bottles for water in the desert…
yuck… not much ROI on that one lol
**then I finally found a coach that seemed like she was up my scale and left me hanging when I needed the most emotional support
(one client paying in full with a pending statement and then she drew last minute and there I was in the shitters, meanwhile trying to figure how to get myself out of a sticky situation involving being drugged without my consent and having my bestie quit on me because she thought I was going mad)
Quitting the job was the next best thing to do and such a spurn of elevation! Full ALIGNMENT.
The other 3 decisions came out of desperation. Genuinely, I thought, wow these ladies defo have their shiz together, I trust, I gotta figure out their secrets!
Well I got burnt! (And I am yet to find a coach who truly means what she says when she says it!)
And I keep hearing these stories of coaches who burn their clients or leave them hanging.
This journey truly isn’t for the fainthearted. TRUTH!
NEVERTHELESS, This has actually inspired me to do my shit differently.
I believe in my heart. In my tribe. In the things we come here to do.
I know I care for women and humans and the world.
Am I perfect?
OMG no. But I have this burning passion in my soul to elevate this world into a different plane.
You’re probably one of them if you feel the ripples down your spine right now.
I get you so DEEP, you don’t even know!
Look, it’s not our (nor my) job to be perfect.
I’m here to propel truth in the ways that are resonant with me.
If there’s a match, woohoo.
If not, we find a better match.
The earth is so abundant
There’s so many, I mean SO MANY souls who need the medicine of love.
Of connection. Or real authenticity. Rawness. Boldness.
What I teach my clients first is how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. How to understand the pitfalls that brought them here.
To go deep deep into their zone of genius: which entails hell of a lot of badassery and crystalclear focus on the outcome for love.
Not the short cuts.
Not the quick cash fixes.
Not the business.
When you ooze and radiate with confidence within yourself, you fall deeply, I mean, DEEPLY in love with who you are, who you have been, who you are becoming.
When you find that inextinguishable essence of the soul, everything else falls into place.
This experience of life is about taking FULL BREATHS in and out.
About how to receive life fully and completely with wild abandon.
And then humming these notes of love back to others.
It’s mostly quiet. In the silence within yourself.
The real genius is in that place you have right here, in your body.
When you can call this body “home” and you no longer need to run.
So if you already were where you think you want to be….
If this place called HOME was accessible to you now (which it is, despite it looking crazy or ugly or whatever label your inner critic is finding to sabotage the truth)
Would you stay in the job or would you leave?
What would you create?
How would you call in your tribe?
What country would you visit?
Or would you just remain really quiet?
marvel on the miracle that you are?
Feel your heartbeat a little more and reconnect to the earth.
Chances are high that EXACTLY in this place you might find the soullover, the soulclients, the soulprosperity and all things magic.

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