The marketing SWITCH dance!

Where the old-skool marketing way is to make you feel “bad about the issue” so you buy the solution.

The “new way” points you at the life beyond the solution, and activates your soul / your client’s soul to naturally rise to your dreams.

Such a teeny-weenie tweak, but actually, a very VERY different way of showing up in the world.

One stems from survival instinct, needing manipulation and probing to “convince”. It’s got a heavy, Down-spiraling movement that cages, conforms, locks in.

The other just feels flipping amazing to the heart and makes you wanna dance! Up-spiraling momentum with a flip-ton of magnets for gold dust and love.

1 – will make you experience all the pitfalls of survival like running out of money, clients saying yes and withdrawing, fear/anxiety/worry robbing you sleep, partners looking interested and then never saying a word again, you ghosting others, others ghosting you

2 – clients ask you to work with them when you haven’t posted in ages, a steady stream of cash consistently hitting your paypal, you walking into a store feeling excited about all the gorgeous dresses you’ll buy, a sense of peace and leaning back, your sleep is awesome, you dance freely, your man shows up and surprises you regularly and you feel beyond excited and happy to feel protected with the masculine energy in your life

Curious about HOW to shift your own marketing around so you “sound” attractive AF?
Works for clients, money, lovers alike.

You’ve done the “other” way.
It’s time to elevate now. Time to rise gorgeous!
You’ve got this!

If you felt a nudge, we gotta hang babe!

I’m opening a new Trailblazer Journey for YOU, Goddess, ready to slay and elevate to the next WILD SUCCESS LEVEL!

Get success on your calendar now and let’s talk!

PLUS I’m adding 1 ***specially tailored*** package for students, low income earners or single mums (simply ask me to apply!)

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