Feminine Medicine for clients who don’t “convert” or stall payments

(IF yoυ’ve вeeɴ loѕιɴɢ “perғecт clιeɴтѕ” AND ɢeттιɴɢ ιɴтo “ѕαleѕ cαllѕ” тнαт doɴ’т coɴverт,
yoυ ĸɴow deep dowɴ yoυ coυld вe ѕιɢɴιɴɢ 5ĸ clιeɴтѕ wιтн eαѕe)


As YOU’VE BEEN Oвѕeѕѕιvely Tнιɴĸιɴɢ αɴd Repellιɴɢ wнαт’ѕ Meαɴт ғor YOU!


Ever had an amazing call with a potential client only to find yourself eaten alive by obsessive thinking, wondering and fretting about WHEN Stripe will be going “ka-shing!!” ?
Or maybe you heard the tagline: “OMG I’m so excited to get started!” and weeks later…. crickets.

((( During that time you question EVERYTHING about your package, what you said or didn’t say, what she said or didn’t say…. trying to “figure out” if she meant a yes or a no. ))) -> Please SIT on your hands if you need to, but DON’T do this!!

Or try this for size: she signs up, pays the first installment and then follow-up automations get no response, credit cards “mysteriously stop working” and you never hear from them again?

I used to spend so much time obsessively weighing options and outcomes about people’s actions (and non-actions).
I’d get so excited to be sooooo close to “hit that spot” only to be gulped by disappointment shortly after.

Maybe this coaching thing isn’t for me, after all.
Maybe I should “get a job”.

It got totally twisted in my head, I stopped sleeping and the heavy load in my chest would sink deeper and deeper.

I needed to figure out my next marketing step better….
But discounting my packages didn’t work either!

Clearly this wasn’t about the money… nor the marketing!
It was about my energy!

I secretly knew worrying wouldn’t really  “make sense” or “help me feel better” and yet I couldn’t stop myself from losing my sleep.
My heart raced at every DLING DLING echoing from my phone, hoping to read PAYMENT CONFIRMATION! and instead…. “Zoom Payment billed successfully” popped up on my screen.

Despite “playing it cool” and “pretending” to trust the universe, my heart hurt and weighed down, my fingers trembled in cold shudders.
My energy field had been programmed stronger for “survival”.
EASE & EFFORTLESS FLOW was only part of my verbal vocabulary.
My body, however didn’t know how to FEEL about the success rampage…. yet!

These distinct signs of fight/flight/freeze responses is what most classic trauma patients go through (including my clients when they’re missing the “manifestation train”!).
It’s sickening to “wait around” and still feel like your body’s being eaten alive by the inner monsters, deviously sucking the creative juice out of you. It breaks my heart to see women bump into counter-strategic standstill or thought paranoia about clients.

Time doesn’t really change much to this. You can spin years in that limbo (…guess how I know? 😉 )

Unfortunately these bodily sensations also play havoc on our “manifestation game”. The gap of mistrust between you and the universe creates this sensation of “nearly being there” but then “missing the deadline by a fine line” (typical wounded feminine symptom).

This can totally happen in a relationship with a man, too. He does EVERYTHING to please you, but then it doesn’t quite “cut it” for you (= he’s not energetically aligned) or he says all the pretty things, but doesn’t ACTUALLY do them (please run!).

The UNIVERSE / GOD / SPIRIT essence reflects the divine masculine energy within us. The masculine energy is more than eager to bring all the client flow, love and money TO you. He is capable of SEEING beyond what you could ever imagine and he KNOWS more than well how to please you BEYOND the bliss potential of your inner Goddess).
This energy can’t ever BE anything but WITHIN you and therefore only reflects what is already INSIDE you.
(Programmed Trauma Reponse: more trauma until you “heal”….
vs Embodied Confidence : Tangible results and shifting into success realities).

It’s so simple.

The day sign your first 5K client successfully ALL of these programs are probably still running in the background, but THIS time you take a chill pill and you LEAN BACK long enough.
Yes, you TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF completely and ALLOW the Universe to bring it all TO YOU in divine time (always now!).

Imagine that day you see for yourself that your package price point, what you say or don’t say in the “discovery call”, the time it takes for your client to say YES or NO doesn’t matter (well ok the last one does a little…. but we can unpack that to make it WORK FOR YOU, rather than against you😉 – there’s an actual “behavior timing” for when your clients will get the BEST results, – but more about this another time!).

You can totally witness how much the Universe LOVES & ADORES your desire for money and effortless flow.

It’s not a question of “deserving” or “being worthy”…. that’s old school paradigm….
You can “have trauma and STILL manifest!”, you can “be broken or fearful and STILL hit ka-shing”… every day, week, month, year beyond your wildest dreams of income!

The more you trust for things to be effortless; the masculine energy feels INSPIRED!
And this is the EASIEST and most NATURAL way that the Universe DELIVERS to you.
The empowered masculine energy wants nothing more than to witness you Rise & Shine as a WEALTHY GODDESS!

Imagine holding this energetic frequency and fully embodying it like your new bare natural: just FEEL how it would feel when your soulmate clients can’t help but ASK you for a program before you even mention it to anyone else but your spirit guides (happened to me 2 weeks ago!) – CO-CREATION at its finest, baby!

I will be hosting a luxurious online group experience laying the embodiment foundation to the feminine energy magnetism very soon.
Just shoot me a message to apply!

There’s a super PRE-launch early bird for the first 3 women investing.
The price will incrementally rise accordingly…

This shouldn’t be the reason you join, though. I’m doing it for fun because I feel like playing after my extended inspiration break!
If you felt the intuitive “nudge” or your body “expanded” while reading this, it may be a “SIGN”.
I’d totally love to have you on board!

I’m just SO EXCITED to share what flipped my manifestation game around to signing clients with ease with MINIMAL posting on social media ( hands down honest! I have no clue how to do the “swipe-up-thing” on IG –  haha!)🙂

So much love gorgeous Goddess!

Lisy xo

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