This ancient art form can revive a “death” zone and set you free! Get the success & Genius you were BORN for back!

What’s ALIVE / DEAD in your body reflects in life at large!

This ancient art form can revive a “death” zone and set you free!

There’s a way to RE-fuel the success you were BORN for!

Transcending time and space with dance was a gift the divine infused under my skin.

– You don’t “become” a dancer, you’re “born a dancer”!…

little did I know to what extend this phrase, one of my teachers in dance school loved so much, would take in my life!

In actual fact, I didn’t acknowledge the depth of this explosive tool, until I lost it completely and found it again with a different perspective. In my empirical research field and personal growth journey, DANCE has returned to prove itself as the most poignant portal through which the divine keeps bringing sweet medicine into my time/space/energy consciousness.

My time of complete (dance)collapse, frustrating standstill and losing every desire to move my body, I now understand with toe curling bliss as a much deeper moment hiding soul-purpose meaning in the closet of dancer-taboos. My “dancer-persona” wanted dance to be readily available like a slave, whipping up all the performance goals and well-glittered dreams I had set for myself. Over the course of this forced “goal-orientated” life chapter, I desperately needed to skip all the accumulated sorrows, pains, regrets, doubts to get to the “end point”.

Though I was to BE MOVED by life all the way, I wasn’t “ripe” for dance to reveal its true face. Opening up to dance fully, means you needed to go BARE & NAKED, dare to go as EVERYTHING & NOTHING at the same time. The VOID is scary when our ego clings to our self-righteous “dreams” like a monkey to their last coconut. What awaits us beyond this throat-throttling ego-“death”, is never death. It’s rebirth!

Once I began distilling my emotional and mental clutter into gems of EXPERIENTIAL understanding (the ones where the mind merges inside the body and vice-versa, a divine love union if you will), I naturally initiated the development of dance tools to serve my personal path.

I began witnessing mind-blowing shifts in my own life, that were not obvious right away. Later this “body atunement” percolated into the lives of my clients, not surprisingly, always dancers, dance lovers or artists of movement. These amazing results lit up inside trauma release sessions, supported the embodiment sensations of visionary moments where channeling the intuitive next steps would sometimes lead them all the way to manifesting a new life altogether. With certainty. Wit clarity. With power and confidence. With deeper compassion for themselves… and always in utter awe and respect for bodies and the magic language without words residing in there.

With dance as my wise medicine woman and shamanic priestess shining the way, “dancing” in the VOID or on the edge of it has shaped my understanding of life and spun it in a very different format I never had grasped before. Even the word “dancer” took a new meaning; whom I now see as an enchantress-artist bringing the ethereal realm into form, quite literally.

It was wildly scary at first to receive such a huge chunk of “play dough” into my hands.
How was I going to “handle” this much wisdom? I shrieked away many times. Placed it on the “to do later” shelf. Too simple. Not that important. I even tried the excuse of solitary conviction: it’s probably just me, this is waaaay far fetched! I could sure keep pushing and repelling this truth from me, yet dance knew how to find me in the darkest shadows. When it became clear that fully surrendering into my feminine essence and redirect my life around passion, love and joy were my next steps…. music stepped in to reveal dance as my divine partner in crime.

What I found is loud and clear: there’s an innate intelligence in the body that contains SACRED KEY CODES of access to our divine power of creators, shape shifters, transcendental visionaries and light workers that simply can’t be accessed through any other means. There’s a scope of cosmic alignment and quantum field awareness that simply needs to be looked at and listened to.

Further, continuing to follow my curiosity about the effects of meditation, therapeutic arts, holistic approaches and the science behind trauma response, it became obvious that there are many studies to support this:

Movement; in particular dance and moving to music, can have a huge impact on our life and re-orientating our future.

Here are some magic doors that I found these “quantum dance tools” can open:

  • calm the nervous system and sympathetic system (fight/flight/freeze response)
  • ease “inexplicable” emotional turmoil and physical pain
  • carve new consciousness gateways
  • strengthen awareness of the proprioceptive system (balance in your body ultimately nurtures balance in life)
  • align new neuro-pathways throughout the whole body (vs brain activity in meditation)
  • foster deeper understanding of trauma that “classic” spoken therapy can’t reach (especially pre-verbal & in utero stage)
  • re-create “new” embodiment structures of safety when hitting limiting patterns / repeated glass ceiling moments
  • reprogram the mind into a sense of peace, confidence, clarity and power
  • reorganise our thoughts/feelings/desires into a state of coherence so that we no longer need to “resist” what is good for us
  • supercharge the electric circuits that bring forth effortless manifestation
  • activate the channels of visions, dreams and ethereal information (for love, life and biz)
  • restore sense of self-protection and/or over-protection (adjust loose / rigid boundaries with self/space and self/others)
  • integration of success, abundance and power frequencies on a cellular level

These are the most obvious or “tangible” structures of transformation I’ve gathered so far.

For the experienced practitioners in the room: you’ve probably noticed that the effects, when using the body as a tool, is like the tip of an iceberg beautifully glistening above water level. The proportion of what you can “see” is only 10% of it. There are many more factors collaborating together, that we will only FEEL without “seeing” when allowing the body to express itself through dance and movement awareness. This restores the trust in our intuitive centers and creates a refreshing liberation from the inside out.

Dance is the purest “divine feminine” em-bodi-ment of bare beauty that the modern coaches and spiritual healers seek to understand and explain.

Have you experienced this for yourself? I’d love to hear more!

If you feel this is aligned to explore deeper, I will be offering “Quantum Dance” tools in my Group Coaching Program “Goddess Mastermind” beginning Full Moon Gemini 12/12. If you sign up before the end of this week (30th November) you get a complimentary 1:1 with me as a bonus. Just send me a pm to apply.

If you’re a dance professional on a shoestring budget and would love to apply, please let me know in your message!I’d love to witness you taking our own art a level deeper.

I’ve actually never seen anyone out there “do it” yet! I’m so excited to bring this into the world, the wildest signature program to date!


So much love
Lisy xo

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