Feminine Medicine for “NON goal setting” in 2020

Hey love,

wow has it really been over a month I’ve been active on here!
Honestly!!😄 Happy New 2020 chapter for you!

This year is going to be full of electric charge, can you feel it too??

Wait before you think I’ll be dumping more goal setting ideas…. keep reading!

I’ve looooong dropped the whole goal setting craze for new years. It just doesn’t sit right in my stomach.
Since I’ve been journeying into mastering this “leaning back into my feminine” I just feel no rush or urgency for goals anymore.
I can feel the excitement and the buzz for goals, AND I can celebrate being continuously growing, expanding, opening, deepening, creating.

It’s interesting, most of the women in my surroundings feel totally relieved to drop the goal setting drama and finding out it CAN work another way.
Wow… it feels SO GOOD!!!!❤️ they say…. how did I not try this before?
I know!!! haha!!

In a world full of social media wilderness, overload and energetic discharges (I’d say 90% of what we receive is actually non-consensual, it’s pure toxicity clogging up our fine-tuned intuitive centers). Deep down we can easily tap into that blissful whisper that KNOWS way before we can think things into being. It’s quite natural, actually. Most of the time, we’re so busy getting it all “done” and “done right” and follow “advice”, the innate knowing dims down.

One thing I absolutely LOVE to do is to “wake up” in consciousness inside my body.
Ease my jaw.
Focus on the tips of the nostrils and FEEL the air brushing through as I inhale.
Hold my breath.
Relax my pelvis, my abdomen, my chest, my shoulders and listen to my heartbeat.

Did you try it right now?
Ahhhhhhhh…… it feels SO GOOD to have this potential of tuning into the present moment so close, right.
When we can practice this presence alertness in the body, it all becomes so much easier. (energy instantly flushes and flows in only a few seconds… MAGIC!)

The reason why everyone talks about meditation so much: consciousness is our only gateway to heaven. What we often miss is: there’s an EXPERIENCE behind it all (and it runs through our body as bodily sensation)! Wherever you are, whatever is going on, which ever path you’re walking, however you’re feeling/thinking/doing/being… Awareness is the only way to “notice” your alignment or lack thereof (it’s all happening as nudges of expansion or contraction inside you).

It’s the one important thing we “focus” on in my sessions: bringing this alert witnessing into the body-mind-space throughout ALL of life and expanding through it into infinite space.
This consciousness (I rarely use MINDfulness now…. because I see it all as being much deeper than just a mental construct – it’s an embodied EXPERIENTIAL atuning that really hits the core – nope you don’t need hours of meditation for this, it works within SECONDS!) -especially when we’re desiring to live that life beyond matter and expectation, the one that is FULL and WHOLE and COHERENT, is where the sacred union of our divine masculine and our divine feminine.

This is the most potent gateway, because when our feminine feels safe and held and loved enough, she’ll naturally roll back into her easy flow, her effortlessness, her pleasure, her bliss. This is where goals melt into processes and when journeys INCLUDE all states of being as divine messengers.

When our feminine deeply trusts her masculine, she’ll rise into passion and love through our creativity and our radiance.
She also dives with incredible surrender through the smooth healing of our pain bodies.

Our conscious activation is nothing else but the fine tuning of our inner masculine presence. When he holds space through our awareness, clarity, decision making and continuously meets the feminine’s longing for more, he actually ALLOWS for more space to be opened.

That place feels so fulfilling and nourishing. When our masculine is inspired by the state of bliss and opening of his goddess through his committed action (penetration), we feel a sense of engaged purpose and joyful drive to either go after our actions with more intention or we relax deeper and open our doors for manifestation to rush in. Sometimes we do both!

It’s such a magnetic place to be.

I’ve been celebrating the amazing break-throughs that the women have experienced in my last program.
Personally, here’s a few secrets: it was the most effortless launch I’ve ever had. I spent such little time creating it. It just flowed through.
I may have done less than 10 posts, only 7 email newsletters to market it and I cashed in the TRIPLE of what my previously highest paid program ever made (I must have done over 40 posts to prepare that one and it felt like a massive fail all the way through…. birth pains 😄).

I was so excited to test-run this feminine way myself to see. I needed to try it out.
I was open to it and I just made it a priority to have as much fun and ease as possible.
Strictly no efforting or convincing.
Needless to say, I only spoke when I felt like it, and most of the time I didn’t even worry about “explaining” what the program entailed. I knew the right women would be called to it and they did!


It all gets so simple when our feminine trusts our masculine.
We don’t need to push or run for the end-goal.
The success becomes inevitable.

The testimonials were unbelievable! I cried so much, simply knowing and feeling so safe that these women will carry these gems with them for the rest of their lives. They will never need to dip back into survival and stay stuck there. They will never need to run out of stamina or creativity. They will be able to pull their dreams towards them just like I’m pulling in mine.

Promotions. Signing their first paying clients. Feeling empowered with managing their finances. Not collapsing when pain comes up (they know it a pure sign of hitting our next level of success). Not sabotaging their endeavours THIS time around. Bringing things through the finish line. Do all the things they love while they wait for their dreams to move into their life.

The unthinkable becomes possible when your masculine carries your feminine with love and devotion AND she allows him to do so, she surrenders to opening her heart wider.

My heart actually sleeps so safe and sound at night, knowing that I’ve fulfilled my mission without needing to burn myself out (this is so huge to me!).
Walking as an example for myself. Leading myself with grace, poise and power.
Knowing that I’ll exceed my expectations while being totally in my zone of genius.

You can totally create this too.
I fiercely believe it.
I’ve seen it.
I’m so excited to see what YOU can create with this shift.
I’m even MORE excited to witness what your clients and students will do with their own empowered energies.

The sky is the limit.
You are free and gorged up with love and elevation now.
There’s a much higher guidance opening the gates for you.

Breathe it all in.
You can have this AND so much more! It’s a done deal.

I love you
Lisy xo

PS: psssst totally early stages! I’m currently designing a Biz Goddess Program for entrepreneurs, free lancers, artists and coaches to bloom their passion into profit the FEMININE way. You’re the woman turning into a magnet for high-ticket clients and money that feel really good to your soul. It’s a 3 month journey beginning 22/2/2020. Hit reply or email 33.lisylove@gmail.com to apply for the Super Early Bird Investment available until 26/01/2020

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