Why we get stuck…. and it’s not even funny!

Hey gorgeous,

so I went to this clown workshop over the weekend that was so interesting. Yes, you’re probably thinking: wait, what? I thought DANCE was your “thang”, Lisy?
Haha😄 yes…. so did I!

Did you know I used to get really scared of clowns when I was young, to the point I’d cry if I saw one?!

Here I am, well into my thirties, exploring the art of “clowns”- … well that’s a BIGGY, ay!

Fortunately, I’ve been in this “artistic world” for a bit and I didn’t quite fall off my horse when I saw right through the facilitators weak spot and was able to turn it around before my sabotage high-jacked the game. There was a very authoritarian way about her. As soon as I found out, she used to be a Ballerina;  my compassion boxes got all checked off in one fell swoop.

Suddenly, I could see it all oozing through: the typical complexes (not enough-syndromes, creative blocks and more), the rigorous and strict dance education of young classical dancers (the go hard or go home style is a norm in that industry -extreme ballerina discipline that withstands all pain, suffering and constriction), it’s her way or the highway (the teacher is always right and always wins), the intrusive and denigrating ways “to get a point across” (shame tactics, submission and scolding are still used today by many ballet masters). Basically, all the unresolved trauma and pain she endured that kept running her show.

So not only did the workshop day begin with an elimination game (from all my teaching experience with kids, this is usually not the best move to begin a class); yes, I get that we won’t start running around the room crying; it’s just not the most fun way to get into the mood of “bringing your inner clown to life”, right.
Then, she’d continuously pull and nag “to challenge” us artists. Her goal was to get us beyond our limitations, however most of us felt either more blocked, even uninspired or straight-down frustrated by never knowing where we were standing on her mysterious self-imposed “good enough”-chart. I was secretly hoping for more tact that would allow us to breathe, for less pressure on “results” so we’d naturally bring ourselves to gradually thriving performances.
At the end, I didn’t want to come back the next day. However, it’s not in my value system to give up on things mid-way. So, I decided I’d go and take what aligns with my growth and leave the rest.

The second day, one of the students; a lady whom I thought definitely had the most prominent skill sets and was artistically so rich in her expression; did the unthinkable. After being continuously probed and told only what wasn’t working for over 15-20 minutes, then more “no’s!” without constructive instruction, the artist got to the point of complete bereavement and standstill.

“That’s it” the facilitator yelled out and pointed away from the stage area; “Go and sit down!” with a frustrated tone – “I can see we’re not gonna get there today!” The artist-lady-clown lowered her head in shocked humiliation, then walked off in tearful rage.

We all held our breath. Wow, that was a strong statement, and felt slightly exaggerated, since we all looked a little confused about where she wanted to “lead her”. The room went completely quiet before the silence violently broke with “NEEEXT!”

After walking around in the corridor to find some composure, the lady-clown opened the backdoor, grabbed her things, left the building for good and didn’t return.

Typically, the women who come to me experience THIS EXACT SCENARIO. Except- there’s not 2 people in the room.
Yes, this happens in their inner world. Their wounded energies keep butting heads like a dysfunctional couple. We all have these aspects inside us, the quicker we learn how to deal with this, the easier.

I love to speak in feminine and masculine principles now. Personally, I had to figure this out, too. I never received effective role modeling on the broader spectrum of non-violent communication. I also had no idea I could use this in my inner world: most opportunities for greater love in any relationship is rarely the avoidance of “conflict” per all costs. It’s more in the way we move beyond the pain, the disagreement and stay in the room despite the discomfort. The biggest amounts of bliss and pleasure lie in how we handle the resolution aspect. This is what sets the tone for the power of love. (I’m not talking about a toxic dynamic where boundaries are being crossed over and over, and you’re being harmed in any way, of course! That’s for another post).

Clear fact is: separation is much harder to do when those 2 personas live inside you.

Most of us can live in that state of blame, rejection, shame, guilt, [insert uncomfortable emotion] for sooooo many years. And if it’s not processed, it will either put us into depression or leak out into our outer relationships. Sometimes it gets so heavy, it does both at the same time and we become like animals who’ve been hurting for so long, we’ll bite the ones who want to help us.

My zone of genius is to plug my clients to their own awareness superpower that highlights the disintegrated love between these aspects. When given enough care and attention, the discord in your emotional, mental and energetic bodies can come to a place of resolution and unity. With a lot of gentleness and care, any woman can become her own skillful mediator between scattered energies, transcend the pain threshold and melt into deeper and deeper love.

Honestly: YOU ARE the love glue, it’s all inside you already. If we don’t become this glue, we’ll look for ways to fill this gaping hole.

What actually hurts me to see the most, is when women come to me with deep wounds of self-inflicted pain, they still believe that their pain is “unsolvable”. When we’ve seen most of our grown ups around us take on this behavior, we subliminally download this program and make it our own.

Yes, even if we’re conscious and we’ve done all the work.

The women who come for my advice already “know” all the alignment practices that could help them. This is an amazing place to implement the missing pieces: the “Divine Marriage Embodiment” aspect and coaxing out their nervous system to prepared and get ready to receive the high vibration they’ve understood already on a mental / theoretical level.

They want to sign their first client, or pay off debt, or leave their toxic relationship. They even have all the plans and they have it all figured out (the masculine is ready to move and wants to move). They simply need to release the burden of their pain and emotional turmoil , which brings the feminine on board, or it’ll feel “off”, or it’ll feel like they’re forcing it.

They’re already smart enough, totally incapable. It also is not their fault. The feminine (emotions and traumatic downloads from years and years) simply needs to feel safe first – she needs to release her hurt / voice what’s wrong.

So, unless this work is completed to the level of deep embodiment (which is tightly interlinked with FEELING the shift with bodily sensations), these women will have to force the tasks (which leads to mediocre results -> when the feminine isn’t ready, the universe can’t align fully) or they’ll find a way to sabotage and get back to square -2 (the nervous system will create a vibration that gives off incoherent messages, which can lead to attracting worse and worse scenarios of chaos).

A lot of my clients are shocked at how easily they can suddenly access the stories lying underneath the pain they’re feeling. (Most of my clients are highly sensitive and intuitive, so we tend to work with the feminine essence first).

Maybe you’ve experienced this, too:
don’t you LOVE the physical body’s deep intelligent network that tightly weaves through our emotional body?

They’re equally shocked how the pain moves out for good and makes room for higher states of bliss thereafter. This happens so fast and so efficiently, they can hardly remember what it was like to be their “old self” (I’ve experienced over and over! Honestly, our body is naturally wired for blooming with life force energy).

The EMBODIED wholeness through the FEMININE portal is also the smartest shortcut to ultimate success (=steeped in effortless long-lasting fulfillment). When our feminine (=our body + our emotions) heals and aligns, we naturally FEEL relief, peace and calm. It soothes our nervous system, which fuels a subtle state of bliss, pleasure and joy. This is THE MOST MAGNETIC STATE OF BEING to attract aligned love, clients and money.

Some women who come into my containers, feel safer in the mental body (masculine), so we explore things a little differently. Once the suffering has been resolved, it’s much easier to reconnect to their feminine essence: when the nervous system is calm, the pain will “make sense” and they open up to success again and how SUCCESS MAKES MORE SENSE: all the bodies get on the same page (=complete resonance on a physical / emotional / mental / spiritual level).

Whichever door we take,
the results take much less time to come through than initially expected.

I love to witness my clients create these tiny shifts in their inner world that create huge quantum leaps on the outside.
The best is to see them having fun implementing the tools and finding their own ways of making the laws of the universe strategically work for them and they inner marriage.

🌹One of the (more feminine) women in my last Mastermind cheered that she’ll be saving/making a 😱whooping 77K😱 this year by having had access to this wisdom inside her. She’s already calling in new clients now with an exciting opportunity to create a business that lights her up (she no longer feels the need to please her clients and is ready to create powerful containers that are worthy of her time and energy first – she knows the success of her clients always has to follow in that sequence).

🌹Another woman (more at ease in her masculine energy) in my 1:1 was over the moon that she finally understands what’s been holding her back from paying off her debt and creating her life around worth & value (she had strong programs on how money needs to come through and that it always runs out: which was her parent’s blueprint of survival).

This is a perfect start to practice and wire in her new story.
This mastery is a life-time-project, truly. It changes EVERYTHING!

When we understand this deep blueprint, we no longer need to compartmentalize our feminine and masculine in ways that create separation. In this paradigm, we use the natural laws of feminine attraction to smoothly and skillfully pull our dreams in.

These two women have accessed the EMBODIMENT codes that will no longer tolerate the inner aspects leaving the room before LOVE happens. They’re making room for their divine essences to keep spiraling up beyond the bliss state. The potency of this alchemy is endless.

If they do this, so can you.
I know you have all of this inside you, too.
You’re made of gold and star dust.
There’s no other way around this, you were born to succeed and understand these principles in THIS life.
And this is where your SOUL PURPOSE can begin to weave through with ease.

My next program is about to move through the birth canal & I’m so squeak-cited!
Biz Goddesses will launch on 22/02/2020.

It’s all about the FEMININE way of creating your business!
I’m so excited to show you how I’ve created an online coaching business quite literally without a budget and a huge heart full of passion (and how I’ve revamped it the feminine way).
I’ll walk you through the common qualities of the “1st stage” and “2nd stage business” so that you can master your FEMININE poise and power at every level of your journey.

1st stage biz is about fully owning your gifts so you attract the right clients and create your first income with content your clients will swap Netflix for.

2nd stage is when you use your clients success rates to scale and narrow down your niche. (I personally found that my clients actually grow WITH ME and keep coming back for more, because they exceed the results they signed up for – it’s amazing how this happens!)

These 2 stages loop infinitely whenever you need to transcend to your next level!It’s so fun!
I will accept max 6 women for this very intimate round, as I love to follow your journey to success closely (AND have tons of energy and time left to channel the best information for you).

Send me an email to apply!
Price will triple in 4 days!

I love you,
Lisy xo

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