Un-doing harm & soul purpose

Oh goddess,

I wish every woman had full access to the codes in her body, it would save so much time and harm “un-doing”.

Instead of un-doing the harm we would get to the point that really matters: getting your soul’s work done. Not just “done”, it begins dancing like a beautiful choreography that weaves together in perfectly synchronized flow.

Some spiritual bypassers may argue that “everything” is correctable. Sure, in some fairytale land, where there’s no time and no consequences and no pain bodies.
Well, this is planet Earth.

If you cheat on a partner, that wound can never be un-done. You can work on it, sure, but it will take time and a lot of consistent flow and effort. The unpredictable component: the partner – you just never know how they will cope and what they’ll do. And frankly, it’s not even about the partner in the first place, obviously. Ask me how I know!

What I’m talking about is not “avoiding the harm or the mistake”, harm and mistakes happen, it’s life. It’s for SURE you’ll mess up a lot of things.

It’s about getting the deepest pieces of your natural intelligence on board so that you can bring your soul purpose through: your intuition helps, like A LOT.
If you clearly understand the blueprints of your body’s natural responses to what is aligned for YOU (as opposed to some guru you’re following on social media trying to push and shove their mold on yours – which mostly throws off your natural compass equilibrium), you’ll simply get to the point 3 times faster.
It doesn’t only save you time in the tedious “limbo-state” of not knowing despite desperate “figure-outing”, it’ll be a LOT more effortless too.
And especially vibrant, full of life. You know, the delicious things of life.

What if this key was on your side from the beginning, and it’s here actually now?
All you need to do it turn on the button?

A friend of mine asked me this valuable question today: “Lisy, how did you know that becoming a mentor was “it” for you, how did you put it all together to work out, when did you know 100% it was the right thing?!”

I smiled. Such great questions.

In 2016 I knew: there’s something pulling me into the unknown, it’s got something to do with changing peoples lives and transforming my own life into a gypsy trail, continuously travelling and meeting new people. I though I had to “figure out how to make money”, that learning how to make a website, create ads, writing posts that sounds buzzy and convincing were the perfect ingredients.

What I didn’t know: even until now, 4 years later, these were not the missing pieces of the puzzle. Let’s say, they were the box where the puzzle goes. I already had the puzzle. It was made of movement, states of being, feelings and nudges, trusting before I was ready, MOSTLY about responding to what people would put on my plate, their stories, their problems, their questions and continuously solving them with major success rates. (I still cringe about putting testimonials out, I honestly don’t believe they are perfect ingredients anymore, either…)

What it still IS about after hitting my first 35k year: me being an artist at heart, hearing the call and tuning in, about doing the work of integration and remembering. Allowing myself to be an artist, a healer, a mentor, a woman with big dreams, a child with a ton of giggles, a queen with standards, a priestess with shamanic medicine. A ton, a big ton of love and belief in things becoming possible in an easier and better way for me and for everyone, like ALL the time!

You see, most entrepreneurs think that you have to quit your job, then you “need to figure out” what strategy, what thing, what activity, what passion, what “certain” talent you have first.
And then purpose, fun, clients and money will magically rain in.

Erm, no. That’s not how it works.

This whole biz journey is an intricately woven web between what you’re truly good at (it’s your soul’s gift, which means there’s not that much you need to do) and how to position yourself with poise, so clients naturally pick up your vibe.

I didn’t say “power”, I said poise.

Poise is comfortable, it’s erect, it’s stretched out, it’s aligned, it’s soft and relaxed, it’s strong and supple in one.

A lot of people get poise and power mixed up, it’s not the same.
Power moves stuff out of the way, it needs energy. It also needs time and <efforting>.

The truth is more power diminishes poise, and a good poise is always powerful.

Dance taught me everything about business I needed to know. Heck it showed me all the keys to LIFE!

This is what I teach my clients, how be powerfully poised to the most graceful clients come find you and say YES.
Not to me. Not to you.
They say YES to themselves and what is possible for them.

My “sales conversion rates” are low, because the truth is, most people will keep wanting to “figure shit out” before they jump.
The other 5% are the ones who “know” and that “knowing is what brings them along”. With embodied poise.

All they need to do is just to keep responding to calls, to life, to money, to clients and to success 8% of the time.
And then the rest of the time they relax, they integrate, they release what was never theirs, they have fun, they travel, they dance.
They become receptive and therefore… receive!

This is the way of having a “feminine” biz.
It flows and you just keep responding to what feels like the next power stance, stretching into your elegant feminine poise.

I’m changing the container of my Biz Goddesses Program.
It will be 50% content and 50% 1:1 to support your integration.
We begin as soon as you sign up. Full focus on you and your calling.
It’s so fun to teach this. It’s so fun when a woman says yes this way and she turns into an unstoppable goddess.

I’ve designed this for the movers, the dancers, the yoginis, the artists and the energetic shape shifters.
For the woman who knows she can move mountains below the surface, just because.
She doesn’t need to deem herself worthy or do anymore “spiritual” work. She’s ready to integrate and become the embodied modern Goddess she was always born to be.

Click here to apply.

Love and… dance!
Lisy xo

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