How do you find your soul purpose?

A friend of mine asked me this valuable question today: “Lisy, how did you know that becoming a mentor was “it” for you, how did you put it all together to work out, when did you know 100% it was the right thing?!”

I smiled. Such great questions.

Let’s track back a few years: in 2016, there was something pulling me into the unknown – all I felt was it’s got something to do with changing peoples lives and transforming my own life, continuously travelling like a free gipsy goddess and meeting new people. Even though, I worried about “how I would make money”, learning the ropes at running an online business, how to make a website, create ads, write posts etc. I knew that I would figure it out on the way somehow. Even if I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from going on a world trip on a shoestring budget… the calling was stronger!

What I didn’t know: even until now, 4 years later, these were not the missing pieces of the puzzle. Let’s say, these first steps were the box where the puzzle would go later. I already had the puzzle deep inside me. The puzzle got revealed out of movement, states of being, feelings and nudges, trusting to jump before I was ready, and mostly about responding to what people would put on the table, their stories, their problems, their questions and continuously solving them with as much care and devotion as possible.

What it IS still about after hitting my first 35k year: me being an artist at heart, hearing the calling and listening, about doing the work of integration and continuously remembering. Allowing myself to be more of myself every day: an artist, a healer, a mentor, a woman with big dreams, a child with a ton of giggles, a queen with standards, a priestess with shamanic medicine. A ton, a big ton of love and belief in things becoming possible in an easier and better way for me and for everyone, like ALL the time!

You see, most entrepreneurs think that you have to quit your job, then you “need to figure out” what strategy, what thing, what activity, what passion, what “certain” talent you have first.

And then purpose, fun, clients and money magically appear.

Erm, no. That’s not how it works.

This whole purpose journey and weaving a business out of it is an intricate web between what you’re truly good at (your soul’s gift for the world, which means it’s more natural than you think) and learning how to position yourself with poise and clarity, so those people who are aligned can naturally pick up your vibe.

A lot of people get poise and power mixed up, it’s not the same.

Power moves stuff out of the way, it needs energy. It also needs time and <efforting>. Poise is comfortable, it’s erect, it’s stretched out, it’s aligned, it’s soft and relaxed, it’s strong and supple at the same time.

The truth is that sheer force and power without awareness diminishes poise, and a good poise is always powerful.

Dance, for example, taught me everything about business I needed to know. Actually, Dance keeps showing me all the keys to LIFE!

This is what I teach my clients, how be powerfully poised to the most graceful opportunities come find you and you simply get to choose and say YES.

They say YES to themselves and what is possible for them.

It takes a lot of courage to do this way of life, yet it’s so vert rewarding.

All they need to do is just to keep responding to calls, to life, to money, to clients and to success 8% of the time.
And then the rest of the time they lean back, they integrate, they release what was never theirs, they have fun, they travel, they dance.

When we become receptive we… receive!

This is the way of having a “feminine” business calling while we follow our soul purpose and magic.

Life, business, money, clients flow and you just keep responding to what feels like the next step, stretching through your elegant feminine poise.

It’s so fun when a woman says yes to this way of living and she turns into an unstoppable goddess.

All my programs are designed designed to offer the movers, the dancers, the yoginis, the artists and the energetic shape shifters a space to relax into their fully liberated expression.

Our soul purpose is so close to us, we really cannot miss it, if we tried! It’s already breathing deep inside us.

This path is for the woman who knows she can move mountains below the surface, just because.
She doesn’t need to deem herself worthy or do anymore “spiritual” work. She’s ready to integrate and embody the modern Goddess she was always born to be.

Live, love and… dance!
Thank you for reading.
Lisy xo

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