Abundance-Tricks Part 1

so I have to share this little story with you!
It summarizes the most potent “thing” I do to magnetically attract things into my life, especially money… there’s a little photo to make you smile (when I know my dreams are underway)!

Back-track to around March/April 2018 on my trip around the world. I was stranded in Kuala Lumpur for a couple of weeks, waiting to “make more money” from my online coaching business so I could travel on.

When I saw this journal (picture below), I immediately knew I needed to get it! (aligned intuitive actions come when you feel embodied in a place I call Stage 3 – be sure to read part 2 to find out more).

It was “only” £10… however £10 at THAT time meant 3-4 meal costs for me, so it was definitely not a mindless choice to get it as I was really low on cash (maybe £40-50 in my account… phew… long gone are the days that my balance dipped there – it was a real feeling of walking on the tight-rope).

So, I decided to get it regardless of what my bank account looked like and to be thankful that I had the money to buy it. I decided very consciously and intentionally that God, the Universe, my Higher Self wouldn’t make me feel this delicious desire and then not show up for me to receive it with pleasure, safety and alignment. I felt a FULL-BODY YES and I trusted deeply that this would be all I needed to know here.

As I passed by the till I also found a beautiful turquoise pen and I imagined the feelings I would get while writing on the smooth paper with that gorgeous colour. So I decided to get it, too!

Turns out the book had a whooping discount that didn’t show on the price-tag and of course, that day I sealed in a few more sessions with clients. Within the next few weeks I signed my most expensive package to that date. It was completely phenomenal!

I know, it wasn’t « luck ». It was all in my energy! And everything aligned to influence the highest and best outcome!

😍 Isn’t it just perfect

       I still remember the excitement I had whenever I opened it and I would feel the inspiration coursing through my veins pouring as stunning turquoise ink over the pages. When I found this journal back only a few days ago I opened it to read what things I so wished were true back then! Truth be told… MOST of the dreams in that journal did in effect manifest! It blows my mind!

Wow… the oozing power of our inner Goddess, right!?

Here’s what I know to be true: Things are mostly working out BEYOND our understanding. With experience and awareness I understand better now, that things are always moving in the direction of our greatest joy, our most wonderful memories to keep forever and more and more success coming for us!

There are truly only 2 ways of living… I choose intentionally to live as though EVERYTHING IS A MIRACLE.

I’ve seen miracles & magic happening.
I’ve seen it happen over and over in my clients’ lives!  
It’s become a no-brainer to me!

Ok. Want a 2nd piece to my money break-through story?

Tune into my abundance-tricks-part 2-blogpost… I’m so excited to share this next piece with you!

In the meantime: Get free access to Money Queen! You’ll get a ton of valuable information about abundance that I don’t reveal anywhere else!

Much love
Lisy xo

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