What to do with strong emotions?

Hey love,

My moon began yesterday.

And I knew it was going to blast in with a very strong emotional  rollercoaster.
When you’re highly sensitive, seeing what is happening with the world can add to natural triggers even more.

So what do I do when the tide gets rough?

Disclaimer, this blog entry is about adaptive emotional intelligence (which is truly feminine responsiveness)… keep reading!

So let’s imagine a little pirate-lady scenario.
You and I. There’s this stunning Island we’re navigating towards.

Our heart-centred lovers are waiting in our paradise homes by the beach, all beautiful, they’ve fixed a gorgeous dress to welcome us, prepared an adventure for us to make love by exotic waterfalls after feeding us the most delicious fruits and adorn amazing flowers in our hair. We’ve been sensing their anticipation is getting higher and higher as we near our ship to the shore.

Steady and focused and clear. We’re on our way to our Love-Island, and meanwhile we just enjoy our way there. The sea’s been at peace for days, the dolphins came to say Hi! this morning. The wind is smooth on our sun kissed skin.

The sails are set, the compass is pointing in the right direction, the stars and the sun and the moon have been guiding our journey with ease. The waves are perfect for a fast journey. It’s another chilled out day on our pirate ship. Fun. Tranquil.

Standing on the front of our ships, all our senses wildly alive! The thought of our strong partners, smiling with aroused longing to find their embrace, the secure knowing, so much love and admiration waiting to be bestowed on us for who we truly are. We illuminate the world with ferocious power eyes. Worthy goddesses with full hearts and open minds. Gorged in sensual bliss, so free and deeply nourished with adventure. Pure MAGIC on legs voyaging through the big VOID of the sea… What a glorious life!

Suddenly, dark the clouds appear lurking on the horizon, the wind takes a stronger blow and before we know it our ship is caught in a turbulent storm!

A million thoughts race through your mind.
The feelings get sickening to the core.
It doesn’t look like this storm will end anytime soon!
You immediately begin to do all the things that will keep your ship safe and strong through the storm.

Now I want you to stop and watch what just happened before we continue the story…

Reply and tell me… what happened in your storm?
What did you feel?
What thoughts did you have?
Which parts in your body got activated?
What came up?

I’ll get back to you and share a process to navigate through this using your personal feminine and masculine blueprints… (be as detailed as you can!) (part 2 now online here)

So much love
Lisy xo

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