What to do with strong emotions? – Part 2

Ok…. I’m so excited to share the next part with you…! (part 1 here if you need a refresher!)

So I categorised the responses into main 3 aspects of elevation!
It’s so fun to see that regardless of the “place” we’re in, the cosmic superpower of drawing our desires to us is available to us at any given moment. We already KNOW what we do and why we do what we do…

When we understand how to choose our destiny by command… it turns into a story full of ease! Read on…

So in the moments of our wild storms here’s what happens (these stages btw can accumulate quickly one after the other or at the same time. How much the success is being drawn in DESPITE the trigger of the storm depends on the level of energetic mastery you’re at – and this is expandable!).
Please note, it may sound extreme and even a little entertaining for the sake of pulling the image across… just see how this lands for you!

Stage 1 – Survival

In this stage we lose sight of our destination and become ravelled up in the panic, in the erratic, in the incongruence of the moment (especially when the emotions hit us by surprise).

To explain it from the ship-story-standpoint: we go into wild screaming, overwhelm, stress, fear of death, fear of being thrown overboard, we hide inside the ship and cry and pray for it to just be over. We swear on the gods and blame fate. We might blame ourselves for beginning this journey at all. We’re lost in the middle of the ocean.

We believe the storm is the ultimate end and nothing could ever make it stop. Time turns into a ticking bomb for desperation. Frustration. Turmoil. And we get very involved with the storm, to the point where we can’t focus on anything else but ourselves and our safety. We may even become irrational and throw others overboard, just to make sure we have enough to survive the catastrophe.

This is the least receptive state of all 3. Our energy field becomes dense and creates a vault of resistance (especially for love and movement). We’re in freeze mode and the currency we lose is time. If you’re familiar with the co-dependency triangle: stage 1 is the looping of the 3 positions victim-helper-perpetrator.

Stage 2 – Action (out of survival)

In this stage we’re definitely aware of our survival instincts kicking in, the emotions & the tidal repercussions, yet we’re able to detach just enough to keep functioning. It’s just another day in the life of pirates. Storms happen all the time. It doesn’t mean anything about what we’re capable of.

We turn into helpers, calm everyone down and proceed to making sure that all sailors are safe. We delegate to fold the sails and lead all other actions necessary to keep the ship moving. This outward focus supports us to keep steady for now (depending on our level of mastery we’re aware that we’ll have to deal with the trauma later). This “going through the motions” makes us pull in all the tools we have to “fix” things and provide solutions.

There may be a temporary repression of emotions here to be able to focus on over-doing and over-giving. The reality of the storm is acute in our perception and we become primarily pre-occupied with how we can defy or get away from this storm. ( you may want to understand this stage deeper if you’re a coach or healer yourself! – as this information is crucial for your messaging!).

We’re in a strategic fight / flight mode. Even though it doesn’t necessarily feel good, it feels more empowering to “do something”. The stage 2 persona will often judge the stage 1 persona as weak, worthless or irresponsible (watch out for your inner voices doing this!). It’s a necessary step to “sever” oneself from stage 1 and “get moving” away from survival. For the co-dependency triangle perspective: stage 2 loops inside the 3 positions, while being aware that this may be occurring, but can’t fully embody the blueprint “beyond” the triangle just yet. The forceful separation from stage 1 can cause a lot of pain or cause one to drown back into stage 1 for longer and longer periods of time. A lot of energy gets lost here.

Most women who come to me spend around 60-90% of time in stage 2 – fully aware of their energy leaks and wanting to understand how to reverse this.

Stage 3 – Elevated Awareness

This stage opens up a different perception:  we can allow what needs to move through our emotional body to do it’s thing and keep the awakened awareness in our mental body that this may be happening for a good reason AT THE SAME TIME.

At this stage, we understand that there’s more power in the unknown than in the attempt of “fixing the storm”. We keep the vision of meeting our lover softly in our gaze and allow the emotion to take us into the deeper divine realms. We may feel all the feels of stage 1 and even proceed to stage 2 actions, yet we do it  through composed discernment mastery and without “acting out”!

Put simply, we can stay present in the acute happening our feelings; we also know and understand there’s an action plan at hand AND that there’s a dimension that is beyond our current vision. This stage is actually the “least” forced of all and also leaks far less energy than the other 2 stages, however it requires a lot of EMOTIONAL MATURITY and  EMBODIED experience  – especially if you want to REMAIN here or ACTIVATE it by command.

This stage is extremely fragile and almost imperceptible for the stage 1 + 2 person.
The stage 1 person would want to throw you overboard ( S3 threatens their identity of survival).
The stage 2 person would straight down cast you into the land of delusion (if there’s no secure “solution” to move out of the survival right now it’s worthless).

The stage 3 person basically chooses to elevate by pure cosmic strategy (undermining or criticising the other stages is completely irrelevant to her). The stage 3 person is aware that S1 + S2 are happening simultaneously, that there’s a potential for both to take place and “work” in their own ways.

The COSMIC EXPANSION is where the magic lies.


this is actually the fastest and most effective way to stop dysfunction and begin the attraction dynamic! The cosmic principles come into full embodiment in stage 3 (as a beautiful side-effect this brings stage 1 back to LOVE / HEALING, it also opens stage 2 to create a sustainable FOUNDATION without the force).

Most women desire to be there, but don’t know what it takes (often mis-interpret this as “needing to DO more”; more fixing, more therapy, more yoga or detoxes, go on more dates, talk to more clients); which ends up only pushing them further into the other 2 stages.

To put it simply:

Stage 1 is our toxic feminine / masculine acting out.
Stage 2 is the emergence of our healthy feminine / masculine.
Stage 3 is the embodied union between the divine feminine / masculine.

The ELEVATED GODDESS Program lays the exact pieces bare that have been making you dip into stage 1 + 2 more than necessary.

You’ll finally understand how to position your energy field as a foundation for your dreams to manifest through the stage 3 portal. This creates a breeding ground for the ease, bliss and connection that is possible in a stage 3 life.

I love seeing women having their inner feminine create the ease they’ve been longing for so long and to watch them drawing in the masculine in the universe with their pure radiance.

The program will also clarify the 3 most powerful embodiment principles that make your inner feminine and masculine fall deeply in love with one another (clients, money, freedom and love that never leave). This is the best of states to become the most magnetic, influential and pleasure-filled version of you yet!

All of this is already in complete reach to you right now, there’s no more healing and fixing needed to understand this! 

Pure awareness sets this free inside you! You’ll begin to embody this throughout the program and keep this key for the rest of your life.

If there’s a moment to say YES to your new world, it’s DEFINITELY NOW!

Dreams are created in the NOW – in the consistency of your embodied states!

Also, if you have 2 minutes, I’d love to find out what keeps you visiting my site! Or any other feedback over what you enjoy the most with my content!
Comment below or email me info@lisybutterfly.com

So looking forward to hearing from you! ❤

So much love
Lisy xo

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