Why women’s dreams coming true matter so much (The Cinderella Syndrome)

For thousands of years, as women, we’ve never accessed success in the way we access it now.

Our nervous system has often not calibrated to this. It’s outrageous to be a successful and powerful woman!

THIS level of
success & liberation
freedom over our speech
our expression and art
our decisions
our finances
our relationship status
our sexual preferences
our desire and attraction for the same or opposite sex
our education
all the resources being available literally clicks away…

this can make us feel strangely ALIENATED, NUMB and WEIRD about the very thing we know is within reach and accessible.

If you see yourself lifting up to initial levels off success connected to the list above, and then watch yourself spinning down inexplicable rage, frustration, desperation, drama or other emotional turmoil, shortly after “getting there”.

How come it gets to be “that” easy and without any negative repercussions?
Most of us have this threatening sensation that it will stop sooner or later.
When’s the shoe going to drop?

There’s a high chance you’re shaking collective trauma.

As soon as the clock hits midnight, the dream will be over!

Cinderella Syndrome anyone?

Yes. Most women, lightworkers especially, will see similar patterns at play and it’s not because we’re “special” in any way (as everyone can move through this). It’s just that you’ve entered this life with a karmic clearing contract, AND a nervous system that is thousands of years old and carries deep programming of lack of safety.

In the past if we became too powerful, too bright, too loud, too smart, too rich, too… (well too much of everything!) it would attract intense danger, punishment and even death.

We still carry the memory in the DNA of our families and friendship constellations. Women would get doomed, chased down, plundered, locked away, shamed, scolded, tortured and even killed. The repercussion of our power would sometimes be poured over our families and loved ones for generations to come.

There are highly accredited research pieces that have studied women’s menstruation and their emotional bodies being tightly interlinked with the karmic blueprint of ancestral memory.

Whether you have one or not, as a woman you have a womb: The womb is a portal of information and can be used to liberate stuck energy in a woman’s life. Her own liberation is therefore tightly interlinked with the stored memory from her ancestral lineages and the feminine collective consciousness.

Is it a curse?
Not sure.

What I do know is that I’ve never shaken off this much trauma (nor did I have the tools to access this experience) prior to hitting my first levels of success with money, clients and shining in my life mission fulfilled. This “trauma” is most likely not mine. This level of ease was meant to come and feel good FOR GOOD.

With the gift of living my dreams, I’ve received this incredible honor of redemption of ALL that has been out of order and alignment in the ancestral past.

If you see anyone rising into huge success, be sure that it wasn’t easy (despite it looking so)!
These women didn’t only break through their own cycles of hardship in their own lives.
These women continue and are currently breaking through the limitations that nobody had ever faced before them in their family lineage, and as frightening as it may seem, it does have a potency that’s nothing like we’ve ever seen in history.

We’re re-calibrating the memories an releasing heart wrenching torture from our nervous systems. Our success actually offers us a playing field to return our nervous systems back to safety, ease and protection.

This is even better than a Cinderella story, because it gets to be true.
No damn shoe will drop once you live your dreams.
When they appear, they’re here and you most likely will NOT lose them.

Every time you decide to keep walking in the direction of your dreams today (despite every single cell in your body telling you to walk the other way), you’re assisting this repercussion that trembles across all timelines and criss-cross directions.

Your dreams are meant for you.
They won’t let you have them the small way.
Because they’re so much bigger than you.

Let’s be very clear here: your dreams are not for you and your small little world alone.
Your dreams are HUGE beacons of light across the collective history of humankind.

Let your dreams come find you with a trembling chin, drenched in floods of tears and legs shaking the world up.

This goes far beyond what you could ever understand.
It doesn’t need to be understood even.
The feeling will make more sense than any words I could ever write.

If patterns of shame, guilt, fear of death or relentless cycles of “almost there-ah gone again!” keep showing up, you may need to understand your positioning inside the attraction vs rejection polarity inside your feminine and masculine energy. This has become my expertise over time.

Tell me what’s been showing up and we’ll have a couple of emails back and forth to re-direct your energy back into alignment.

If you already sense that deeper work is necessary, join one of my programs.

Your dreams are coming for you.
They simply won’t let you have them the small way.
The small way is what got done in the thousands of years that went.
You’re meant to live them IN THIS LIFE!

Rise, Goddess!

When a woman’s dreams come true, she ultimately heals the world!

So rise, Goddess, rise!!

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