You were born to speak up, be bold & rise!

There’s been a BUNCH of new movement, new sign ups as well as new interest from women who have been circling in my field for well over 15 years now.

If you’re new! Welcome, gorgeous!
I’m so happy to know you are in this world!

If you’ve been with me for a while… OMGoddess!! What an honour to walk this path of power with you by my side!

You know… I’m here to stay.

My epiphany of being here to inspire started when I was probably only 5 years old.
I was watching the winter sports figure skaters creating moving beauty and I was hooked!
I wanted to do THAT!

To create beauty and illuminate the world with it.

I went on to train, then study dance. I became a pro. I taught kids… but more than teaching I’ve always inspired them to CREATE!

In 2016 an abortion shook me back alive to the power of my creation as a woman.

Now I’m a mentor for feminine leaders….
I inspire women to step into their next level. When a woman walks through the doors of my practice, I can smell it a mile away:

She’s here to rise!

If you’re reading this, you probably just felt goose bumps.
Yup, I felt them when I wrote this.

This deep desire to be seen, to be witnessed, to glow in potent luminescence. There might even be a lingering of confusion, fear, doubt, worry, uncertainty on a surface level… but when you dig deeper you KNOW:

There’s a high chance you’ve had thousands of lives before
as a wise woman,
a witch,
a priestess,
a queen,
a goddess,
an earth angel,
an artist, a dancer, a singer,


There’s a reminiscence of being here for a higher purpose.
And your intuitive nudge is right!


This IS your confirmation!

I want you to know, I feel this too!

There’s a reason why we’ve come to planet earth in this EXACT moment in history.

We’re the magic shapeshifters of the future.

We’re setting a new standard.

We’re doing things that no woman ever was able to do.
Not with this level of permission.
Not with this level of capability.
Not with this level of education.
Not with this level of connection.
Not with this level of accessibility and flexibility.

For the first time in history, we can clearly say (especially if you have access to this email and you CAN read it)

all dangers, fears, threats, rejections, guilt, shame, … are ILLUSION!

They’re not real.
They’re not happening.
They’re not yours even.
They’re not even slightly a THING.

Most of the work we’re doing in this generation, is about bringing our nervous system into balance, into homeostasis (a very scientific word to say: harmony and balance) when it’s trying to protect us from the fake danger.

Whenever we’re hitting a next level of
DREAMS COMING TRUE… the first thing that will fire won’t be your pleasure buds.
It’ll be your nervous system calling you into the zone of safety.

THAT’s why triggers are SIGNS of SUCCESS… not failure.
THAT’s why dreams don’t FEEL like you expect them to feel. At least not right away.

Every time things begin to feel
TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE… sooner or later you may feel “off”, you may wait for the “other shoe to drop”. Chances are high, that it won’t drop at all, but something inside you is still trying to get you back into safety.

From that next level, there’s another level.

When I hit my 1st £1K when I started coaching, I ran out of cash within 3 days (nervous overspending frenzy).

When I landed my 1st £1K client, I got entangled with a man who was married (nervous love attachment).

When I landed my next 3 £2K clients, I had a massive fight with my dad that set me off into trauma response and death terror experiences on every wake up for 3 weeks straight (nervous God relationship)

When I secured a new job that got me travelling around Europe (one of my biggest dreams) having a consistent  monthly income, I sabotaged a relationship with a secure man (nervous avoidance of intimacy).

When I launched my most incredible Group Coaching program, I had just lost my grand-mother and experienced the most heart-breaking moment of my life of walking my mother to her mother’s funeral. I hit £10K in 60 days.

I’m a walking example that things get better on a consistent basis.
I’m a walking example of walking through the fire and entering a new paradise.

I merely pointed out the money because it’s “sizeable” for any brain.

Cash has been the most secure way to measure my own success and CALM my nervous system despite things looking like a mess.

Cash has become my most powerful ally of masculine energy when it comes to reminding me: I’m walking inside my next level. I’ve arrived at the accomplishment of a new chapter that no other woman before me had achieved.

I’m confident that money will keep flooding through my doors.
I’ve built it that way.
I’ve set my energy up for RECEIVING regardless of what it all looks on the outside.

I’m here to stay.
I’m here to rise.
I’m here to walk through the endless fire.
I’m here to dance until my dreams come true.

It gets to be fun.
It gets to be the real deal.
My deal. Not the other woman’s deal.
My life. Not everybody else except me.

I decided so.

Heartbreak, toxicity, old patterns, pain, illusion or whatever is coming my way, I’ll consistently be wiring my life for expansion on all levels.

The best side note: I’ve just fallen so madly in love with experiencing the edge of who I’m becoming.
I know there’s more AFTER more.
And then there’s MORE!

Women are naturally expansive beings.
Just look at our orgasmic capacity.
Totally naturally we can have multiple orgasms and more.

Turn the volume up on love.
Turn the volume up on radiance.
Turn the volume up in your voice.
Turn the volume up in your expression.

When I’ve turned the volume up in my feminine liberation frequency, I saw that I’d only just begun.

There’s more.
Then there’s more.
Then there’s even more…

Here’s a juicy invitation for you:
Meanwhile we open up for more, commit to having and leading the best life yet!

I love you.

Lisy xo

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