Are you obsessed with someone or freaking out because you said something wrong?

Hey beautiful,

Look I’m completely enamoured with women tapping into high levels of influence and WINNING BIG IN LIFE!

I was reminiscing today, how it just wasn’t an easy path for me.
And how it isn’t for most women.

Has this happened to you?

Have you ever been in a relationship that takes up all your head space?

Consume you so much that you feel a little possessed by your thoughts, and you can’t seem to get yourself to stop?

If you could just have said something differently.
If you could just get him/her to change his mind.
If you could just stop being the way you are… then everything would be ok again.

More thinking, fixing and worrying feels like the right thing to do, yet it brittles your self-esteem, staying power and can quickly turn opportunity into lack.

Or maybe you’ve seen a friend or a client going into that place and deep down you know it isn’t right for her, yet you can’t seem to see a way out or how to say it in a way where it lands.

Before you know it, you’re hooked in overwhelm.

Let’s breathe and witness for a moment.

What is truly happening here?


Women who come to me in states of confusion about a relationship, whether it’s connected with a partner, a client or a financial situation, their mind is often on overdrive, the emotional body is in pain (or numb) and they secretly want to run away – so they escape into their mind (ultimately this is the best place to keep control – it’s also a habit). 

When the energy rises up into our head like this, 2 things are playing:

1 – this is a tricky, yet unhelpful protection mechanism 
(in order to avoid the pain they can’t feel through yet, or to avoid more pain)

2 – a distraction of energy
(they lose the influence over themselves, the circumstance and the relationship itself)

This experience often creates a double whammy of trauma bondage & loss of power.

> Which makes them stay in situations that are downright toxic (or dangerous) for far too long or they lose love and intimacy (that could easily be available if their state of being was wired for receptivity – aka true influence – which is sourced from their natural embodied feminine essence).

The mind going on overdrive is a prime symptom of energetic collapse and the solution cannot be “thought” or “fixed” into place (if it could, the woman would already have seen it and changed it, and we would absolutely know how to stay in the room without feeling emotionally activated).


Obsessing over a person, a situation or a conversation that fired backwards is rooted in a systemic behavioural pattern that most women have to learn to navigate, because it simply wasn’t modelled for us in tangible ways:

in order to please others and secure acceptance by all means, we habituated ourselves to collapse into princess or good girl syndroming.

Unfortunately, this habit (which is coming from good intentions most of the time) wraps deeply sensitive and caring women into a survival trap, so deep that we often don’t even notice it’s playing out.

When I ask women, often they say things like: I just don’t know how to tell the difference between being in survival and being in a healthy functioning dynamic anymore. I didn’t even know I could, and if I could, how would I?

Most women in this kind of pain want to get out of this state as quickly as possible (which is fully understandable), yet their frantic “doing” in this case, is not the fastest way out. At best is keeps them looping in cycles of being ok, then being powerless again. Or worse, they turn in on themselves and go down a neverending self-bullying and self-blaming guilt train. Ouch!

Sometimes, they look for safety and connection in the outer world (this is the friend who messages you late at night about an emergency situation – that isn’t really one – and you get hooked in attempting to make her feel better, even though you should be sleeping and taking care of yourself, for example).

Triggered nervous systems rub up against each other – and they trick us into a state of subliminal collapse.

So, the actual loop is hooked deep within our body (and nervous system):

Most women are unconsciously running in habituation of coping and barely getting by in a world that feels unsafe to them:

so they either shut down into freeze (pleasing, validating others to avoid “danger”) or fight (forcing an outcome, just wanting this bad feeling to go away to “win over danger”).

The place to unhook from this state is deep in their somatic intelligence and their receptivity for true influence and power. This isn’t fluffy information, there’s an actual map! It’s both energetic and scientific.

Feminine influence is stacked on 4 pillars where a woman feels capable of:

1 – setting powerful boundaries & feeling deeply safe in life and requesting to be respected in her non-negotiable basic values

2 – nourishing her connection to pure desire, love & trust

3 – opening her awareness & willingness to be in power vs in collapse until it’s natural

4 – receiving inspired steps & intuition (this is where her miracles and magic reside)


By the way! All of these stages are already naturally present in every woman. It’s the most natural way to be a woman, however most of us haven’t receive proper initiation (let’s not forget that our mothers may still carry deep programs of needing to “fight” the patriarchy and be strong, be like men or become independent – this was a great evolution for woman, yet this is most likely not our own journey in today’s world. I frankly have no interest in wanting to be like a man. I take every pleasure to be a deeply woman tapped into my body, pleasure and femininity – I love it that way)

So when women truly tune into the body, they will find that she is giving off very clear signals, whether she is embodied, aware and integrated or not.

And if she isn’t, that’s a good thing, because there’s room for expansion and evolution.

If you wish to learn this deeply influential way of being in the world, where you are the magnet for goodness and beyond.

If you are ready to stop supercharging shielded and in overwhelm through your life, closed off and continuously losing momentum in relationships that could be totally healthy and pleasurable instead, join ELEVATED GODDESS.

It’s the foundational system to get embodied, elevated, influential and become the most magnetic, juicy and pleasure-filled version of you yet!

You’ll learn this blueprint once and have it for the rest of your life.
You can play in deeper and deeper layers as you keep mastering it.

Embodying your ELEVATED GODDESS is a gift that keeps on giving.

These teachings are completely transposable into love relationships, family dynamics, clients, sales and any other area where you may feel like owning your power more at the moment.

All the keys are already deep within and I’m so excited to see you sigh in relief, erect your inner power game and lead life in the most magnificent ways.

Everyone ultimately benefits from having an influential and powerful woman around – may I invite you to be the first to reap the benefits of living and LEADING this life!

Let’s get you elevated!!

The Super Early Bird vanishes soon.

1 woman is already dancing through the first modules and in January we have our very exciting group journey, with live calls and a community vibe for extra growth, expansion and fun!

2 Brand-new Modules will be added in this round

– learning & mastering the undercurrents of power (the dance of the nervous system between dominance & submission)

– leveraging your influence in sticky circumstances & how to win in highly triggering conversations

I can hardly wait!! OMG 🙂 

Send me a DM on Instagram or on Facebook with “ELEVATED MAGIC” to apply.

I’m so excited to have you ^^

So much love,
Lisy xo

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