Stop abuse and manipulation at work with this embodiment trick that works every time

Let’s talk about Top-down behaviour & abuse from bosses, colleagues or future supervisors.
Of course, it’s a total “no-go!”.

But how do you respond in the face of somebody using manipulative tactics, bullying or even subtle shaming mechanisms to tear you apart?

This is one of the things I love to witness with women who went through my programs.

They handle situations like these like Queens.

Their awareness is like a bullet and pops the hoax-balloon within seconds.

Instead of dripping sweat, second-guessing every single answer or collapsing their energy, their “normal” is calm, composed and fully empowered.

The old paradigm enforces and abuses top-down psychology as a distorted exertion of power.

Today one of my former clients got called into a job interview. She held the lane of power all the way through. We were both shocked that they still use distorted tactics to make interviewees feel insecure. In the image of: “let’s break her real good, wave the money-flag and watch if she can swim!”.


And yet…. it happens all the time!

When you heal deeply you begin to see through it. The proof of healing and integration is always felt in the nervous system.

You don’t flinch any longer and all of a sudden the scene turns into a comedy show where you become the one taking the lead, instead of submitting to the crunch.

Sometimes the best strategy is the exit.

But we cannot always exit the room in every circumstance.

And in that case, the strategy is always in your embodied regulation for power, dominance and impactful influence.

If you want to learn the art of influence and empowered relationships, sign up for the next live round of ELEVATED GODDESS.

The journey only officially begins in January, however you can get immediate access to the course content right now and receive 1:1 coaching to integrate from as soon as this week.

Your 2023 in business and career will be a very different game with this tool set on board.

And it will also save you from abusive situations of all kinds.

Send me a DM to inquire.


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