The 3 signs that you’re (unknowingly) repelling money, men & clients

I love when women come to me to “heal” their business, and we begin to “heal” their relationships with men instead.

We usually get back to the business at some point in the container.

The way we do business is very often deeply entangled with how to do “men & love”.

And this energetic operation system further extends into the relationship we have with money, too.

My favourite is the spiritual connection woman.

A powerful multidimensional Goddess-woman, who is a master of the 5D plane. She can pull in men, money and her wildest dreams through the soulblueprint – she can literally “get off” and experience the most delicious wild ecstasy in the spiritual realm.

Often she doesn’t know that this very GIFT is both her saving grace AND her kryptonite (poison that kills her slowly) all at once.

Why is it that she can have the most delightful s3x in the cosmic realm with these mortal men? And yet they keep flaking on her, coming in & out or leaving her hanging when she needs them the most?

Why is it that she can totally and full-heartedly feel her future Millionaire self, all the things she’s doing as a wildly successful entrepreneur and business owner? How come it tingles down her spine when she sees luxury bags and tries that s3xy dress on just for fun, that she can enjoy it so much…. and yet… she can’t have it just yet?

Her soul is a wild rider and takes her to the most exotic, deeply enhancing experiences, deeply fulfilling activations while she’s meditating daily. She can see it, almost touch it all, her body wrenches up with goosebumps – she KNOWS she is meant for greatness and so much more.

And yet.

And yet…. her life is not a full reflection of this yet.

Why is that?

Well… as much as she experiences so deeply, her experience is a mental body and up experience. And these are the visionary and more masculine planes. This is a grandiose gift to have – AND ONLY if your 3D exprience is grounded and rooted in safety, security and certainty.

When we sit down and analyse – the 3D experience for this woman is mostly 1 or 2 out of 3 cases:

1 – she doesn’t feel “SAFE” to be a human with all of this multidimensionality yet – she hasn’t created the bridge to allow herself to be FULL OF HERSELF here (bring the Goddess down to earthly human exchanges)

2 – she feels “confused” about the mismatch between her 5D experience and her 3D experience, which means her awareness is jaded/unclear. (this will unfortunately also have her continuously dip into the “good girl” syndrome, doing more spiritual work and seek the next and next program or coach to “save” her, make her feel she is “finally good enough”, which may lead only further into the “trap” of healing and exacerbating her identification with her own wounds)

3 – she doesn’t know what healthy energy feels and looks like here on the earthly plane. She has a picture in her mind, but she has no system in place to read red flags, unhealthy behaviour, dysfunctional communication from men, clients and the masculine in general, and she also therefore doesn’t understand how to “lead” in a new way of “BEING” fully herself. This is probably the biggest time waster for her – she gives too many benefits of the doubt, she shrinks her presence and adapts too much or she feels deeply guilty for “cutting it short” with men and clients who don’t provide from an elevated energy.

As long as she doesn’t build this powerful operation systems in this 3D EXPERIENCE (MASCULINE FRAMEWORKS), her feminine just can’t “get a break and relax or soften”.

Her feminine can only be FULL OF HERSELF in the 5D or in distant relationships with men/clients. She just keeps herself there. It’s easier, but it’s also very time, energy and RADIANCE consuming over time.

I truly believe this is why 90% of the women on the planet are so exhausted, mentally and emotionally deprived and finding themselves in one or both of the circumstances sooner or later:

either in seperation/divorce or completely burnt out.

Our world doesn’t work for highly sensitive women, even less for spiritual women in the awakening process.

Woman’s saving grace isn’t in the outside world (and also NOT in men and clients). It is in her AWARENESS and her ENERGY MASTERY.

When a woman deeply understands that her time, her energy and her presence is the GIFT. She will immediately stop squandering it and offering it freely where it is not cherished and valued.

Her stature shifts. Her body looks (and feels) differently. Her voice deepens. She has a way of… MAGIC.

And that magic is her deepest treasure.

It’s been a truly long journey here.

When she is ready to rise, she does.

A woman’s wildly erected feminine magic is the portal where everything heals without her needing to save anyone.

She heals by her PURE PRESENCE alone.

My program ELEVATED GODDESS is the foundation of these feminine mysteries intitiations. You are so welcome to join us and build your very own systems of safety, security and certainty, so that you not only experience the FULLNESS of you, but you also witness the most magnetic, influential and wildly erotic version of YOU.

For 2023 and beyond.

If not now, when?

Photography Art by @lizwolter

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