Wealthy women heal the world

Wealthy women heal the world.

Landing my first ever 10K month created a ripple effect in my whole body. I shook, I raged, I allowed, I received unconditionally at a level that seemed so far away only months ago.

The leap into full time coaching, then the Goddess Book becoming Nr 1 International Bestseller within hours, then the noise on the local and international media. Continuously filling my programs and coaching spaces with phenomenal women (a total DREAM!!!)

And then… the 10K month…

This transition into 2023 was a heck of a ride!… omg, and this is only the beginning!

So I let this hum in my heart & soul stronger than ever:

Wealthy women heal the world.

Not because they have money.

Because of the journey that lead their highest financial destiny in.

Because of who they became on their way there and what enabled them to continuously allow, receive and hold the power of big desires and dreams coming true.

Because they uncovered the energetics of power collapse and shifted stubborn patterns until they finally landed where they are now.

Because of the deep integration and evolution that led in the nectar of their fully embodied success.

Because of the amount of honesty, integrity and love they flood the world with by sheer overflow.

Say it with me:

May the Riches of God into my hands flow now and continuously.

May I allow divine wealth to bless me and move through me – fully.

May I abundantly receive and pour forth the world’s resources towards good and greater in the highest and best ways.

It is a REVOLUTION to have women with wealthy realities!

Let’s become a part of the LOVE-OLUTION at the same time!

I wish to share this Gift Box with THE tools that supported me on my journey here.

You will find surprises in every corner you look.

I am so excited for you to unwrap your presents.


So much love,

Lisy xo

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