Somatic Win-Win Situations that land the Success you get to keep forever

A powerful insight came through in  this week’s coaching spaces and it keeps “ping’ing” me. Go & share this Lisy! Don’t keep it hushed. Go tell another woman! 

So here it is, for you, beautiful being in my inner circle.

It feels like a relevant, even lifesaving conversation, especially for women who are on a multidimensional quest.

Through their feminine.
Through their mindfulness.
Through their soul-aligned coherence.

And it is crystal clear that we all hit a “nerve” with how much love, success and pleasure we can truly make space for. And not only open up to – but actually to KEEP & CULTIVATE!

And the “solution” for this cannot be found in the conscious & spiritual evolution game if we are not clearly seeing the rules & regulations of the physicality of life itself.

When I see people doing spiritual work now, I don’t look for how good their manifestation skills are (they are brilliant by the way).

I look for which part of the brain is active. And for most cases, what is running the show is the primal reptilian brain (the part of the brain that is constantly scanning the room for threats and possible danger) – in this case the “danger” translates as looking for all that is not “conscious” and contorting self or others into a perceived platform that needs to “be fixed & adjusted” – such as obsessive healing and erratically jumping from one practise to the next.

Most women I hold space for have often been at this “neo-spiritual” game for many years and it’s not really “helping” – in fact, it’s beginning to play serious havoc in their self-trust, ability to self-assertion and of course, capacity to remove themselves off toxic bonds.

The mind says one thing. Yet the body says “it’s not safe”.
That is where the manifestation loops, leaks or collapses women’s true success game.

So why is it, that so many clients of mine come in “chasing their goals & manifestation desires” for years, all of a sudden see breakthroughs like these?

This work lands auditions & paid gigs for artists (8K +), brings in higher salaries, better homes and more aligned qualitites of life. It clears debt. It draws in revenue streams in the form of consistent 5K-10K months.

It revives initimacy & sensual connection inside stale 20yrs+ marriages. It calls in healthy, empowered masculine lovers who commit within 3-4 months. It releases medical conditions. It fuels breakups that were necessary a while. It gets women pregnant. It creates happier children, heck, it heals whole family dynamics!

Supercharges creativity. Impacts their clients’ & students’ success results. Speeds up manifestation & restores their soulpath.

This body of work has rooms suspend their breath when this woman walks in & she doesn’y need to prowess herself – it is a natural occurrence.

The list goes on…
And here’s the truth…

We can be as “illuminated & conscious” as we like, if we compress & contort the primal body…. our expansion is capped.

Read that again

After now over a decade of guiding women into their bodies it’s clear as blue skies in Santorini: your way UP is imminent!

All levels of love, money, success and soul are here to stay… and stay…. AND stay!

And the way it all lands and stays has everything to do with the coherence witihin the 5-BodyBlueprint, where THE body holding the highest CAPITAL is your physical body.

The physical body is the ultimate container, magnifier and the true north star of every woman’s potent influence. 

Wanna know where your money is?
Find your soulmate?
Have a breakthrough year in business?

Look DOWN & feel HER.

Does she feel safe with you?

All the keys are HERE, patiently waiting for you to say YES!

Breathe & say to your body:
I’ve got you.
You are safe with me.

Anchor it all the way in and allow yourself to be led a level deeper.

And then a level higher.
Say to your Elevated Self, God or the Universe: Lead me to my destiny!

Feel & keep breathing.

If you would love a space where you can begin to unfurl your painbody, release yourself into the innate intelligence that is pulsing in your flesh & bone, yet it cannot seem to be verbalised.
If you would love to be held accountable and create a powerful stand for yourself where you become the safest place you can be (nobody, no man, no money and no validation will ever be able to offer you this without this internal erection within).

If you have been secretly desiring to dive into this body of work and let it move you into depths you simply can’t go or no longer wish to go on your own.

Or if you are simply in deep yearning to create a space for yourself to play, explore, practise and connect with your pleasure body, your feminine effervescence, the celebratory nature of your Wild Woman and her Womb Wisdom…

Join us on International Women’s Day for a unique immersive embodiment experience:

The R.O.S.E. Temple

A 5-day embodiment immersion to drench yourself in feminine eros, influence and magic

Secure your Earlybird Ticket before it goes up to €555 (48hrs only)

– 2x private support calls
– Welcome Gift 
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2 super rare & exclusive embodiment practices I never give away in public
– The Guided Erotic Goddess Blueprint Activation for Sexual Magick
– Wealth Consciousness Activation with Goddess Queen Hathor

I am so excited about the R.O.S.E. Temple Prize Draw Packages! They are the juicest EVER offered in my LIVE experiences!!!!

I love that I get to bless my students and clients with amazing gifts and experiences that make them feel like TRUE Goddesses!

💝 Each woman receives a beautiful Welcome Gift shipped to her doorstep! (It is pure ecstatic beauty & allows you to open your feminine oracle magic)

🎁 In this round I will be giving away 2 Luxury Gift Boxes all in the name of sensuality, pleasure & pure bliss to celebrate your accountability to yourself!

💸 This is a credit noted investment, which means you will be able to put it forward into your tuition fee for my upcoming flagship signature journey “Cosmic Goddess” starting mid-May and you’ll receive the exclusive VIP Client invitation securing you up to 2K in savings on your SuperEarlyBird Investment.

It’s a win-win-win-win……

We’re about to have so much fun and journeying somatically & erotically deep with our Wild Woman unleashed & the Dark Feminine as an ally on the descent into the unknown realms of the painbody, that we will coax gently into pure pleasure, power and eros!

Here’s to YOU saying YES to get drenched in in wild feminine eros, influence & magic!

The first 3 women and I are so excited to receive you inside this magical temple space!

It has never been a more magical time to be an embodied, influential and deeply pleasure-activated woman!

I am so thankful you are here

So much love,
Lisy xo

PS: Message me with “SneakPeak” to take look into the 1st Prize Gift Box with over 250€ of dōTERRA Essential Oil Products incl. a yearlong membership with 25% off on essential oil products sitewide. The 2nd Prize Gift Box is dripping with pleasure rose quartz codes. All Luxury Giftboxes incl. coaching services, special readings and so much more.

Lisy Butterfly is an international best-selling author, transformational coach and embodiment expert specialised in energetic alchemy, feminine mystery teachings and spiritual business leadership. Lisy empowers women internationally to confidently follow their soul path, land consistent 5-10k months and live in harmony with their feminine essence. Her unique brilliance and presence unleash full liberation, so women can shine with irresistible magnetism, pleasure, and erotic bliss.

Lisy is a Spiritual Master Teacher and holds a State-certified Diploma in Dance Pedagogy from the ISDAT – Toulouse, France. Her evolution through the performing arts industry and her ground-breaking cosmic awakenings inspired Lisy to develop unique somatic signature systems such as DanceManifestation™ and DanceMetamorphosis™. Lisy’s powerful transmissions help women release trauma, emotional overwhelm, and toxic relationships. Her 5Body-Blueprint™ method unclenches your energetic receptivity channels and amplifies the frequency circuitry of love, abundance, and success.

Lisy loves matcha latte, snorkelling topless, travelling the world, and dancing in beautiful locations. She speaks six languages fluently and is known for her joyful effervescent nature. Her sweet obsession with butterflies emerged during the creation of her first choreographed award-winning solo performance when she was 16. Her favourite quote is “Call your inner Goddess centre-stage and dance until all your dreams come true!” 

written by Lisy Butterfly

Embodiment Coach, International Best-Selling Author & Spiritual Business Leadership Consultant for Women’s Liberated and Integrated Wealth Consciousness Activation


Online School:

Emotional IntelligenceSomatic & EnergeticTrauma Release 
Feminine Business & Brand Acceleration
Ancient Feminine Mysteries Templating
DanceMuseCodex™ (coming soon)
EmbodimentMuse™ Certification Program (coming soon) 

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