Lisy Butterfly is an international best-selling author, transformational coach and embodiment expert specialised in energetic alchemy, feminine mystery teachings and spiritual business leadership. Lisy empowers women internationally to confidently follow their soul path, land consistent 5-10k months and live in harmony with their feminine essence. Her unique brilliance and presence unleash full liberation, so women can shine with irresistible magnetism, pleasure, and erotic bliss.

Lisy is a Spiritual Master Teacher and holds a State-certified Diploma in Dance Pedagogy from the ISDAT – Toulouse, France. Her evolution through the performing arts industry and her ground-breaking cosmic awakenings inspired Lisy to develop unique somatic signature systems such as DanceManifestation™ and DanceMetamorphosis™. Lisy’s powerful transmissions help women release trauma, emotional overwhelm, and toxic relationships. Her 5Body-Blueprint™ method unclenches your energetic receptivity channels and amplifies the frequency circuitry of love, abundance, and success.

Lisy loves matcha latte, snorkelling topless, travelling the world, and dancing in beautiful locations. She speaks six languages fluently and is known for her joyful effervescent nature. Her sweet obsession with butterflies emerged during the creation of her first choreographed award-winning solo performance when she was 16.

Her favourite quote is “Call your inner Goddess centre-stage and dance until all your dreams come true!”🦋✨

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