Anna LaLaneia is a starlight being from Ancient Lemuria who came to me for the very first time around 2011/12 during my first astral projections.

After leaving me with a few intense and profound experiences that I will never forget, I continued on my spiritual journey to learn various modalities of accessing and master my energetic gifts. After almost a decade, she returned to me in the fall of 2019 to bring her light code activations and teachings, this time through direct voice channellings for me and those who will feel drawn to them.

With her direction and loving guidance I am placing them here for you to listen to at your own leisure.

Lisy xoxo

AnnaLaLaneia 1 You are a Goddess

AnnaLaLaneia 2 Spiderweb

AnnaLaLaneia 3 Divine Connector Meditation

AnnaLaLaneia 4 Speak Up

AnnaLaLaneia 5 The Cage

AnnaLaLaneia 6 Effortlessness Activation

AnnaLaLaneia 7 The Dance in the Unknown

AnnaLaLaneia 8 Atlantean Lightcode Activation from Santorini Greece

AnnaLaLaneia 9 Moving through Grief and Chaos

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