OMG it’s really hard to recall who I was before working with Lisy!

The impact on my finances is huge, as I am able to invest this money and call in even more. I’m saving at least 77k thanks to my break-throughs in “Elevated Goddess” – it’s like a yearly income

My life was a reflection of my doubts and worries, and there was this constant feeling of something being missing, something feeling off and stuck. I felt like running against a wall, trying lots of things but nothing seemed to work. So my life felt boring, more like a chore and repeating itself than fun and exciting. I saw myself as a failure, like not even being able to really trust myself, losing self integrity because I would make great plans on what I would do and then wouldn’t even start. I also saw myself as lost and alone, no one really getting what I was struggling with, like playing a masquerade, while being stressed out and dependent below the surface.

I was missing so so much, so I was not really aware, especially when it comes to the wounded energetics. I had been working with the inner child a little bit already, but that was only a tiny part compared to the depth and detail of the work with Lisy’s tools.

The decision take part in this program really opened up so many possibilities and I don’t even know where to begin thinking about all I have learned (and am still integrating). I feel like it really had a profound impact not only on my business but my whole life in general. So it was definitely one of the best decisions and one of the best investments I have made so far!

My tangible results:

– I feel much more secure and bold, unstoppable. I walk this world with so much more confidence and trust, being more aware of the things going on, of how they play out and being able to heal them step by step.

– I’m able to go deeper, this means having more time to really do the things my soul craves instead of wasting so much time and energy thinking about others peoples opinions, being drained by their demands

– trusting my intuition, feeling more connected to the universe than ever before

I am finally excited again, and can not wait to wake up, to do the things that are important to me

– My souls masterpiece feels like it is really manifesting and taking form, it doesn’t longer feel like it is an unachievable, crazy big dream, but it feels like it is already happening, it is already coming

I really feel that Lisy brings this ease and flow, this gentleness and grace to the table. Her energy feels so pure and calming to me but at the same time it feels like she is able to ignite that fire in you. I feel totally supported and understood, as well as accepted and really feel like there is no judgement.

I love the way she explains the concepts she is teaching, making them approachable and fun, she ties me to the screen and makes time fly by. I feel the programs are really created with so much love and passion. They are designed to really serve and initiate change. The channeled meditations for example are really resonating, unlike any others I listened to before.

Lisy stands out to me in so many ways, I feel she has this huge open heart, emitting so much kindness and such a beautiful vibe. There is no forcing, no judging, no stress but so much acceptance, ease and enthusiasm. Her presence really feels like rays of warm sunlight brightening your day, no matter how that day was beforehand you will feel so much better after being in her energy. And she has this unique way of supporting you in working through painful stuff with so much tenderness. She is pure magic to me so connected and grounded.

If you’re feeling drawn to connect with Lisy’s work, I really encourage you to trust your feelings and bodily sensations. It was no coincidence that I felt drawn to Lisy’s energy. My experience on working with Lisy, saved me so much worry, self doubt, self sabotage and I know you’ll receive so many valuable tools and insights. Also, being in Lisy’s energy alone already lifts you up and ignites a spark, helping you in finding your path and creating alignment with ease and flow.

Anyma, 2020

Before taking Lisy’s program “Elevated Goddess” 2 months ago I lived my life believing I needed to take more action and do more.

Power sprinting my way through, operating more. I wasn’t aware of the different mechanisms active within me and what that meant. I was also frustrated by feelings of jealousy and self sabotage maneuvers. A lack of awareness about what was happening within my mind and body, old patterns were keeping me stuck. I really wanted to break them but didn’t know how to do this effectively. My ability to dream big was affected with feelings of sadness. Some of my old habits were causing me to miss out on opportunities by fleeing when I was close to a break through or when things started getting “too good”.

My tangible results:

– When I said yes to joining the mastermind I got a wonderful sign of alignment via a 2K cheque in the mail to help support my education!

– I love the awareness I have now and the ability to recognize what is active in my life.

– my ability to manifest.

– It’s given me a total edge with my clients and the ability to lead them by example.

– I feel really good about my money making abilities for the future.

– a sense of trust and the universe having my back and providing what I need and desire.

Lisy brings a very raw, honest, and open energy. Her intuition, sensing, and channeling is incredible and I’m always learning something new from her. I can tell that she is always growing herself and learning more.

I like the way she explains things and talks about the cosmos. I like the links back to scientific research, laws of physics and nature. She has many resources and great recommendations. Her material that she teaches is a lot to understand but she presents it in a way that is not overwhelming.

I find the tools that she has and the style of her course make her unique and special.

Lisy! Thanks for sharing the knowledge and practices that you’ve accumulated and thanks for being so open, understanding and awesome.

I know it can feel uncomfortable and scary to take the leap and make an investment. When it’s an investment in yourself, you can trust the money will come back to you and probably a lot more than the original amount you invested. That’s how investments work! You must be patient and complete the work necessary, but I also think the work is really fun. Lisy helped me with the patience part! This knowledge is vital and will be applicable for the rest of my life. The value is certainly there! It will make a big difference in your life. Lisy is very helpful, open and also very understanding, in a way that empowers you.

Kristin, 2020

I used to spend lots of time in self-loathing, not seeing my progress, get frustrated with myself that I’m not further along than I am.

I would make it harder for myself to enjoy the current moment or keep myself from getting close to others because I couldn’t see myself as worth spending time with.

This program allowed me to peak through the veil and realize that I was ignoring my inner feminine… I thought I was taking care of her but it turns out that I wasn’t. It hurt to see that, but things are getting better now that I’m more aware.

My tangible results:

-I have gained a lot of awareness. Not all of it has sunken in fully in the form of manifestations! I believe that I will be seeing more effects as I go.

– I feel very empowered that I can always take better care of myself.

– A family member will get upset and start attacking me with words, and usually I get drawn into it. I stopped responding and just let it be for days. Then, he APOLOGIZED. What a dream!

– continuing my work on making true connections with others

I love working with Lisy! Her magical ways of imagery creation! I have never met any other healers who can get me to imagine things so clearly and that I can remember so vividly later. That’s the power of this work! Lisy is able to provide such a strong healing space for the women she works with. I also love that she has such a personal touch, is so energetic and lively, and lets herself flow! It’s great to have her example.

I am looking forward to following future progress of her works. Also, I am looking forward to my continued progress with this knowledge and how it will continue to shape my life and work. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Dont hold yourself back from your desires and the healing that you deserve. You’re worth it! You’re deeply desiring to have Lisy by your side, let yourself do it!

Kayla, 2020

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