I really resonate with Lisy’s style of teaching!

So before I started watching you, I was following some other coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs on facebook. My experience with them has not remained positive and I don’t believe it’s because there was something wrong.
What changed for me after I started watching you is the relief that came over me, being able to see there ARE people out there who can be lovingly supportive and not judgmental. Someone who can teach without making you feel like you have done something wrong.

When I first found you and watched the first video on your page, it brought me to tears. It was exactly what I needed to hear and gave me the love, support, and encouragement that I really needed. Your energy is so pure and full of love, it feels so synergistic with my energy. Thank you!

If you want someone who is going to show you the love you can have for yourself, and the respect and wisdom for your body, she is for you. Lisy will open doors that weren’t opened before and will offer new ways to see what has always been there.. our infinite power to create!

Allena, 2019

I’ve loved Lisy forever it seems!

I have grown in so many ways with Lisy, from our friendship, into a reading session to her group, then other courses & challenges. It’s always a joy to work with Lisy!

She’s given me clarity, helped me go deeper within myself to heal & expand. She always holds the mirror I need at the exact time I need it in my life! ❤️🙏

She is real, raw & amazing, you will be changed in many ways!

Rita, 2019

Dear Lisy,

I clearly remember the moment my path crossed yours. It was through your fb video on pregnancy, abortion and spirit baby contact that I decided to write you a message. This quickly lead to a heart-opening conversation. I was reminded of the importance of having the opportunity and freedom to share on topics such as these. And to be proud (spirit) mamas, no matter what.

On my journey, I’ve taken deep dives into the beliefs that kept me small. I find no difficulty in making big, life changing decisions. So to me, the challenge is in what I do with the space I continuously create for myself. I can sometimes touch moments of ecstasy, but I would love to anchor this more.

How do I fully embody this?
How do I channel the fire inside me?
Will no one get hurt if I fully express myself?

That’s where you come in. To me, you mirror a passionate speaking waterfall. A free dancer. An ongoing joyous creator. A sacred Goddess. A channeller of inner fire and wisdom. I would love to ignite these parts into my system on even deeper levels, with you on my side.

The Wild Womb Course is a rich blueprint. It includes some essential key points onto sacred feminine embodiment.

Warning: if you fully allow yourself to dive into the materials, you might ignite your powerful and sexy life stream and start creating magic beyond imagination! 😉

Dear Lisy, thank you for being your raw and gorgeous self.
I so look forward to continue this journey together.

Fee, 2018

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