Finding Lisy helped me so much… Lisy holding space for me and being part of this magnificent sisterhood is just something I am beyond grateful for.

I am becoming more of myself, discovering and cleansing, digging deeper and finding my truth more and more.

Since I am part of her amazing sisterhood, I’m feeling so much more aligned and centered, learning so much about my chakras, about my womb space, about my feelings, going so much deeper and peeling off so many layers of old stuff.

I recommend Lisy, because she is authentic, her energy is so amazing, just do it and thank me later 😉

Ina, 2018

The ability to take the first step changed my life.

I was a lost soul trying to figure out how to step into my power. Lisy helped me to put myself out there. Every step I’ve taken since I’ve spoken to her, has lined me up with growth and leveling up. I’m finally stepping into my power! Thank you.

Lisy’s energy is fierce! She’s so intuitive and incredibly connected. When she speaks her strength and support just radiates.

Jennifer, 2019


I had a vision of what I wanted to create but was struggling to piece all the elements together. Lisy enabled me to work through the process of unraveling the details and reconnecting them in a simple impactful way in one single session.

Lisy is an inspiring, powerful Goddess clarity and I now have insight on the core essence of my offering.

You should work with Lisy because she’ll hold a sacred space for you to create magick and miracles together.

Fiona, 2019

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