A deep purpose, love & admiration of myself for simply BEING a woman.

I know Lisy personally from when I was a teenager and have had outstanding 1:1 meditations with her which have blown my mind & allowed me to process challenging life experiences in the best way possible.

I didn’t come into the meditation with any expectations, however by the end was in awe of how much it shifted recent self esteem issues & made me feel in love with my soul, body & feminine vibration… things we often take for granted (or even moan about!). All the things that are a part of being a woman suddenly felt beautiful and purposeful to blend into my journey, right now, in this world, as a woman.

During this meditation, I didn’t expect that I would feel a deep purpose on this earth just by simply BEING a woman. No extras, no need to admire myself for my skills, or beauty, or intelligence… How amazing is that! I also experienced rhythm with the earth gently moving through me, as well as feminine grounded sensuality and a sense of euphoria for being alive. Thank you Lisy!

Celebrating the intrinsic nature of the feminine! Realizing how powerful my womb is in itself… the thing I have been taught to dislike and moan about. I am the giver of life, I am Mama Earth, I am Pachamama!

I back Lisy’s work for every woman who wants to feel powerful, happy and comfortable in her body as a woman… even if you think you already do… try it, I dare you. This will take you to a whole new level.

Elena, 2019

I was in a state of denial that I could experience happiness with a partner.

Romance felt like more like a heavy duty rather than fun. I was rejecting the essence of romantic love. I had literally talked myself so much out of it that the slightest desire of meeting someone had totally disappeared. Yet, deep down, there was a little light that was hoping to create that extraordinary relationship.

After working with Lisy, I was able to re-connect with my feminine energy again. My inner masculine and feminine energies were so out of balance. Lisy helped me to re-ignite both sides.

The visualizations and physical exercises gave me immediate tools to stand in my power and my sexiness when meeting my current crush. The practices Lizy gives are not only to be kept in between four walls at home, they are also exercises you can totally engage in with every day life.

I feel anticipation to “get myself out there” to begin to date and grow again. I am able to look at men with new eyes: see their vulnerabilities and embrace their vulnerabilities as much as my own. Our sessions re-invigorated me not only with positivity, but true excitement for romance.

Work with Lisy and you’ll soon know how to walk with your high-heels & red lipstick energy, even when you’re actually wearing flip flops. Every woman deserves to create authentic connections from her powerful heart.
Lily, 2019

Lisy, your work is profound!

I’ve known you for a while, worked with you before and I love your message and your amazing energy, honesty and vulnerability.

Joining the wild womb program has helped me to open up to new possibilities, to connect with my body on a deeper, sacred and intimate level. It has started a healing process of getting to know all and every single part of myself and to fully honor my body, mind and soul.

I feel more in tune with my body, more aligned, the meditations were super powerful.
I felt my energy change.

Lisy truly shifts your energy, helps you connect with yourself on all levels (body, mind and soul) and ignites a powerful healing process. She is so passionate about what she does and truly cares about her goddesses. You’re in good hands!

Jasmin, 2019

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