“Seat-belt on, the ride is about to be exhilarating. Feel free to scream, laugh and giggle, ’cause the landscape I just saw is only the 1st breathtaking one of an exciting new journey.”

IMG_9497 - Cindy Claes

I loved Lisy’s authenticity, confidence, honesty and heart energy. I was attracted to how she was able to put into words what her calling and true purpose is, what moves her on a day to day basis and how she is able to articulate thoughts around healing and purpose.

Working with Lisy has given me a deep sense of clarity. I am clear about which old skin has to fall off, right here – right now. It has given me clarity about who I am becoming and how I can embrace my purpose fully. It has given me clarity about my audience, my business, as well as my Self.
Lisy’s coaching has helped me to articulate my pains in a non painful, but rather powerful, way. I feel boosted, full of energy, ready to take action, full of fire in my belly. I feel unstoppable.
I felt stuck on basic 1-0-1 business advice – which I was unable to apply: share a pain and a transformation as a result out that. Sounds pretty easy but the layers of vulnerability were too challenging to be shared with the wider world.
Now I am able to see myself, my business, the world, my audience, my talent and my ideas with a new lens. The sessions gave me a new perspective. I feel ready to go, run, race, swim and fly with my Higher Self. I feel deeply connected within as well as with the wider world.

Need help with putting words on what you know is calling you?
(Whether this be purpose, healing or a life changing question)
– call Lisy my dear, and jump!

Cindy, 2018

“Peace-of-Mind, Laughter and Joy”

IMG_0095 - Shabnah Ratnarajah

Intuition led me to Lisy. There was something about her raw openess in her videos. I knew that nothing, no matter how crazy it might seem to some, would to too ‘out there’ for her, so I was safe to explore anything and everything.

Every session’s been mind-blowing. We’ve gone to places I wasn’t expecting, bringing so much clarity to things I’ve struggled with. I was brave before; I feel braver than ever now. Being Lisy’s client helped me get even more familiar with my body. Be okay with things I’d been carrying for far too long that I couldn’t fully talk about with others, even other coaches. I now feel even stronger and comfortable in my skin.

She’s the real deal. I trust her completely. She is truly supportive in actions as well as words. There is nothing she is afraid of dealing with, and she does it with compassion, wisdom and insight. She is quite frankly the dog’s bollocks; or as she likes to say, ovaries.

Hannah, 2018


11811300_10205881923102081_8806835401323292794_n - Jasmin Laguerre

I met Lisy in person and I was intrigued about her ability to connect with your higher Self and to assist others in healing.

I only had one session but I could feel changes happening around me instantly. It has helped to see things from a different perspective, I learned to honor and love myself. I learned to focus on the positive and to bring the energy and vibration of how I want my life to be in the future into the present moment. We also did some inner child healing which has helped in moving forward and letting go of the past.

Lisy is deeply connected to her higher Self and therefore has great abilities to help others heal. She is a very sweet, loving and caring person who is trustworthy to share your deepest fears and emotions with. Her energy is uplifting, motivating and she holds a loving space for everyone she works with. She is authentic and raw in her videos which I appreciate very much.

Jasmine, 2017

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