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I knew that Lisy has such a warm and inviting energy! I first saw her posts through social media, and I was immediately drawn to her authenticity.

I have increased my confidence and knowledge of energetic principles since working with her. I have also met so many other spiritual women in the process!

I realised that I am an awesome spiritual leader; I just need to bring it out more!
Lisy has inspired me to not give up on my dream of owning my own business.

I was and still am Kayla, but before I worked with her 1on1, I had more negative beliefs about money and my childhood. Now, I have cleared out some old energy to make way for the new. I loved being able to connect with my childhood self. Now I will always be with her!

Working with Lisy? Do it! You have nothing to lose! She will tell you the truth but in a loving and gentle way. Her energy is certain to lift your spirits!

Kayla Marie, 2018

“Power, Love, Goddess, Connection”

FB_IMG_1522537842328 - Sandra Barroso Montero

I trust Lisy. She transmits power and love

Working with her has helped me first of all working on my discipline and following it. Second, showing me what I’m capable to create and being aware of the goddess inside of me. Now, not only do I know that my power exists, but I can feel it.

Lisy feels you and tells you exactly what you need with love, all the while being realistic! She understands your situation, we all are humans with schedules and emotions, and she works with your true yourself.

Sandra, 2017


DC68ED46-E204-405D-8CBF-CC903BAEEF22 - Lena Siemiesz

Lisy’s message of female empowerment resonated with me
Working with her helped me recognize how I can both inhibit and enable my potential.

One on one time with Lisy made me feel more alive and inspired about my life. Her enthusiasm is truly contagious. She practices what she preaches which allows me to believe in the power of energy and perspective in shaping reality.

Lisy truly cares about Who You Are and artfully coaxes that person into expression. In my sessions with Lisy, I find myself falling in love with myself when I didn’t think it was possible to love myself so much. She is a fabulous mirror for seeing what is truly there to see externally and internally.

Lena. 2017


facebook_1525456792746 - Nadja Piette

I was going through real tough time and I really felt seen.
I got confirmation I don’t need to take all that sh*t from others anymore 🙂

One on one time with Lisy helped me to feel more empowered again and how to stand in my power. I feel so much stronger now.

Lisy you picks you up exactly where you are right now in your Life, in a very kind, compassionate, safe and empowering way❤ She intuitively feels what needs to be said and done to help you in your healing process.

Nadja, 2018

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