I called in my first $7.5k month and had multiple $5k weeks working with Lisy in my online yoga business.

I feel bliss, achievement & relaxation now

One thing Lisy said that stuck with me until today is:

“What are your new set of values that you set at this level?”

My answer: as I keep upleveling, my values always go up!

Lindsay Nova
Aerial Yoga Creatress

Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer
Founder & CEO of Rising Wings Aerial Yoga

Now I feel peaceful, calm, grounded.

I am the Creatrix & I make the Rules

The phrase that really stuck with me: 

„In your own evolution there is never boredom.“

Feeling lost and on the brink of walking away from my business all together, working with Lisy was pure magic – breaking free from rules, beliefs and programming – reigniting creativity, inspiration, playfulness and joy – transforming my whole life rather than just my business.

Her genius of connecting you back to your divine essence, lead me to finally embody my truth, recognise my own genius and trust my intuition above all. As a result I’m becoming more and more honest, present and mindful every day, creating a home and life full of bliss, gratitude, love and freedom for myself and my (soul)family.

Mia Arnold
Visual & Intuitive Coach, Soul guide, Creatrix, Free Spirit

I feel exhilarated & free.

Thank you Lisy, may your magic shine upon the hearts of 1000s and 1000s of Goddesses.

Never have I met a soul who is so genuinely excited about seeing me shining and empowered.

Lisy is more than a coach. She is a cheerleader and a little voice reminding you that you are loved and wanted and seen in this world. She has so much love to give and will never stop cheering for her fellow Goddesses!!!

Living alone was an impossible dream to achieve. Yet my soul was craving it. I wanted to experience this feeling of having a physical home that was mine, a space that would be my temple, my happy place. I thought I couldn’t afford it. I dwelled for years in a mindset of “impossibility”. I tried to break through it all so many times.

3 months after my 1:1 with Lisy, the magic happened. I moved in!

I am grateful every day, not just for my home, but for having broken cycles and patterns that no longer served me!

Her 1:1 coaching sessions stay with me. So many of the things she said have become mantras I now live by. And my prayers… have shape-shifted. She nails things on the head.

What happened?

A feeling of well-being. That – and so much more.

Lisy’s courses and coaching are magic. Everything in my life started moving again. I learned to receive again, and receive more than ever before. I have raised my game in being an open-hearted warrior goddess to levels I didn’t even know existed.

My tangible results in 3 months:

  • Things I tried to make happen for the last 2 years got finalised within weeks.
  • I moved city and into my very own place (no flatmates!).
  • I attracted castings for major film productions.
  • I won a court case. 

I’ll say this again… all of this happened in 3 months time, during a pandemic!

The most exciting thing? That all of this is only the beginning of the magic!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy Claes
Dance & Theatre Artist

You have changed my life, now and forever. I left every session feeling so light, liberated and inspired.

If there is one word that could come close to Lisy’s essence… It’s MAGIC. PURE MAGIC!

Thank you Lisy!

Taking Lisy’s courses initiated a deeper portal of self-love and compassion to truly see myself, love myself and believe in the sacred medicine work I’m here to do. Since taking her courses, so much has unfolded but nothing has bloomed more than my confidence in my work, which inevitably calls women forth to the forefront of their greatest becoming.

I have unwavering faith in the codes I download from Spirit, and working with Lisy is a HUGE piece of embodying the Feminine Mysteries.

Sarah Nicole Oracle
Feminine Embodiment Mentor & Priestess 
Founder of the Sex Priestess Mystery School™ & Sex Priestess Podcast™
CEO of Venusian Studios Co. – Feminine Luxe Brand

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