Every journey is unique.

Every level invites a new perspective in.

Your life’s masterpiece begins now, no matter where you are on your journey!


Circumstances don’t define the power of your becoming. Take a pause, heal and release what is no longer serving your growth. Coaching can help you restore peace & relief in your heart no matter how stagnated you feel.

ILLUMINATE is a 3 month journey to activate and align your energy.


A new vision is calling. Your next level is imminent. This package infuses you with the courage and trust to initiate a new chapter. Explore beyond your comfort zone, set your determination, poise and stamina and get inspired to go after your dreams. You can land in success with confidence and zeal.

INSPIRE is a 6 month journey to unleash liberation and full self-expression.


You’re an advanced student of life and ready to create and seal multiple transformations. You desire the full package: wealth, love, full expression and creativity on tap. You know you could do it alone, but you desire high-level premium support to access exponential mastery par excellence. The crème de la crème…

EXPAND is a 12 month journey to embody your soul essence and unfurl as a masterpiece.


A full day of premium mentoring to set a powerful standard, create a foundational structure and embody a coherent frequency template to leverage your business and soul mission to the next level with lucidity, strategy and alignment.

VIP INTENSIVES usher in your most pressing break-through and assist your leap into your highest destiny.

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Lisy’s programs changed my life.  It was my first deep dive into feminine magnetism and it was so powerful. Lisy did a great job explaining all the concepts, which helps me with her further courses. I find that when I start a course, I just feel SO magnetized to the work and I feel it unfold 10x in my life.

— Lindsay Nova, Aerial Yoga Teacher

My whole life I followed my deepest desires and dreams. A sudden event had made it all stop and I was hanging in a space of nothingness, observing my previous Self. I just couldn’t reconnect with the feelings of joy and happiness and excitement I could so easily access before.

Lisy is able to create incredibly warm safe spaces. All of life is perceived as an opportunity, there is no storm that isn’t celebrated with joy and poise! She is able to surround other people’s vulnerabilities with so much love and compassion and ecstasy, all at the same time.

All the embodiment rituals have brought me to this culmination point where only joy can exist. After our second 1:1 call my agent called me to submit for 3 auditions! Not 1, not 2, but 3 auditions!!!!!!!!!

I felt stuck, and now I feel excited again. I felt numb, and now I feel I am dreaming again. I felt I was running against the clock, in a world that had come to a standstill, and now I am floating in the dimension of divine time where past / present and future collapse in the now.

— Cin Clase, Actress and Performing Artist

This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. It doesn’t feel like I actually bought a course, it feels more like I entered a container of love and presence with other beautiful women, where I allowed myself to be seen, to show up, to get involved and transform a deep energetic imprint of being passive, of distrust and living in fear.
Through the “course”, I allowed myself to create momentum within me taking aligned actions from a place of joy.
This is HUGE for me!
Lisy has created a container beyond teaching, rational understanding or concepts. If you are ready, you deeply get in touch with the energetics of life and yourself. I loved all the tangible tools she gave us to shift to the embodied version of ourselves.
For me personally, I had been hooked up in drama, either/or dynamic and used to see things always in extremes. So I would always create inner states of fear and survival. Through the course, and specially after the crown activation, I got to relax deeper into my body and trust myself. I am still letting this sink in deeper.
What a huge release into living in joy and freedom. Also, the understanding that I can live in this 3D world and in 5D at the same time has sunken deeper into my cells. I am deeply grateful for this safe and magical container you created, all your transmissions and all the beautiful women I met!
Life, I’m ready to meet you even on a deeper level, allowing myself to be held. And magic to unfold.
Thank you so much Lisy from the depth of my heart.”

Milena – Rebirthing Expert & Breathwork Practitioner

“I feel what for me this program ultimately was all about was healing my sisterwound, really digging deeper into it and not brushing over it, believing it will heal itself somehow. I found that there still was a lot to clear before the real healing can begin.

Especially the competition part hit me, as I was still wired to believe there can only be one winner, one centre stage. Clearing that and becoming more aware of it released a lot and in the end enabled me to connect on a much deeper level with not only the women in this container but all women in my life and that feels so powerful, freeing and simply amazing!

Developing these connections and being able to let my mind start going into comparison mode or being jealous etc. without getting attached to it or at least catching myself and coming back to trusting myself and knowing there is enough for all of us and that we all have our unique gifts and can never “outshine” one another but light this world so much more together, feels like this is integrated on a much deeper level now.

Another big thing for me was catching myself jumping into the “care role” and leaving my desires and needs out or put them last. This was tied to really allowing myself to share from my heart trying not to restrict myself but trust that I can let myself share this. So being seen and expressing myself triggered a lot of fear and doubt coming up.

Especially when it came to share about what I felt the other women in the container showed me, gifted me with and what resonated with me, there was a lot of fear about how it will be perceived, if they will think I only say it because I want to get points or if the feel like it is too much, like I am just saying something to say something… also I felt like I should say something to each of them so no one feels left out… so much bs coming up… but I caught myself, stopped and then silenced my ego to really feel into it and share what really felt aligned and it just flowed, I felt the contribution to my growth of each of these women so clearly and allowed myself to feel into their energy and share ❤

I feel my favourite moment of the program is still to come – celebration call here I come 


 but I loved the overall energy of this program and being able to experience this kind of connection feels so magical. I believe for me the part of sharing something personally with each other woman in this container and allowing myself to see how they impacted my journey and growth through this program and beyond was my favourite part so far.

When starting this program I honestly felt excited but also a bit closed off somehow. And even though I have been in Lisy’s world for some time now and should know better 🙈🤓 

I did not expect that much growth in such a really short time!

I feel for me it was a mix of the information shared and the incredible powerful energy in this container that really unlocked another level of connection not only with the other women but with myself.

Seeing myself for who I really am, who I can be and letting myself be seen without trying to water my message down. Of course it is still a process but I feel so much more connected to my gifts even though still exploring them but having developed and deepened the trust in myself leaves me feeling really empowered, excited and at peace 🙂

So, I am excited to create new and deepen the existing connections in my life, really start working on my business again, feeling inspired and ready – allowing myself to be seen and speak my truth♥️🙏

Thank you so so much for creating and facilitating this program, I am deeply grateful and still have a hard time putting into words how much I feel this container has changed and put in motion. Ahh so full of love for every single woman in here, feeling so much joy and so excited for our celebration call tonight ahhhh I can’t wait 😱🥳♥️🤩🧜‍♀️

Mia Arnold – Neuroscience Expert and Coach for New Moms

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