Embody Your Soul Essence and Unfurl as a Masterpiece

12 Month Coaching Journey

I live my best life

EXPAND is a yearlong mentorship and mastery journey for the advanced student of life who wants it all. The package is designed to accompany you into exponential excellence in the areas of wealth, love, creativity and spiritual evolution.

This yearlong experience introduces you to the energetic frameworks of embodying your highest soul essence in this reality and dimension. With highly conscious leadership systems your inner genius steps into the limelight.

You become a continuously evolving masterpiece through all of life’s seasons: fully owning heartbreaks, growth pains and obstacles as well as your greatests successes. You learn how to hold the magnitude of peak performance and groundbreaking life chapters at the same time and tap into the intelligence and dexterity of a highly evolved human and soul.

Clients who commit to EXPAND desire to deepen the capacity to stay strong grounded through life’s greatest challenges and dark nights of the soul so they can continuously experience success and peak performance.

Within a few short months they strengthen their energetic and spiritual gifts that serve as an advanced skill set to remain grounded and calm on the tightrope between paradigms. The practises are designed elevate the client into their zone of genius, where their graceful poise, power and unlimited potential resides.

Lisy’s clients typically leverage their income streams to 5-10k months within this container, continue to embody synergistic microshifts beyond adversity and expand their experiences of effortlessness, peace and serenity for the rest of their life.


12 Month Coaching Package includes:

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