Activate & Align Your Energy to the Next Level

3 Month Coaching Journey

I follow my intuition

ILLUMINATE is a 3 month premium mentoring journey to initiate the alignment in your energetic, emotional and mental blueprints.

This masterful intensive is designed to awaken the energy of the most powerful human in you so that you can navigate towards a successful breakthrough in a specific area of your life and experience your day-to-day with more ease and effortlessness.

With the healing, clarity and resolution offered in this container, Lisy’s clients have found relief of emotional pain, mental overwhelm and resolved vibrational discordances in their life for good.

Clients witness themselves quickly leveraging the energetic capacity to become a match for a soulmate partner, unlock long awaited financial opportunities or to launch their own business and sign up their first clients. The freshly acquired empowerment and sense of self when dealing with finances, relationships and body image is an invaluable asset to living a life filled with peace, wellbeing and love.

This package includes a self-paced signature program to deepen your understanding of feminine and masculine energetic equilibrium, as well as personalised meditations and embodiment practises that further enhance the progress and elevation of your frequency for the duration of this container and beyond.


3 Month Coaching Package includes:

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