I’ve been called to fuse my talents into a course that’ll revolutionize the performer’s world. Ok, this may sound big ass bold to you, but just hold on with me, as we get to meet a little more…

After seeing myself, my friends and others burn out in the industry, losing their passion and zest for life, it hit me hard that things are tough for most performers.

Desperation for jobs, jam-packed auditions, injuries, setbacks, low-grade conditions and and and…

Ok, take a break….

Wow, this is stressful!
YES, it is freaking stressful!

Breathe in…

aaaaaand breathe out! Let’s get clear here:
Mostly, this run pays for the bills, right?…it may get you a little nice contact here and there, possibly stretch you a little skill wise…

BUT does it fill up your heart?
Are you doing great health wise? Emotionally? Spiritually?
Are you growing into the dancer you want to be?
Is this really YOUR true desire?

Stay with me… Every performer could considerably reduce their daily stresses with just a few tweaks and techniques. There are tools that REALLY make a difference.

You could enhance your emotional wellbeing, your finances and even your technical skills!

Get your (f)A(me)-Game on and jolt into a dream life that’s better than a show. Yes! Because it’ll be real! Ha 😀

My BIG DANCER PROMISE: It’ll be fun and entertaining!

Hellzapoppin’ yeah!

If it’s not fun, it won’t work! Because true success is always linked to joy… and dance, of course! 🙂 And here’s my point:

You can do this!
You can pilot your career and your whole life from the space of the heart!

Why do I believe in you?

Dancers are “One-of-a-kind” type of humans.
Daily menu: Resilience and fine dedication.

We sacrifice hours on end and really sweat our passion through and through…
Yes, but only for the hope of that ONE opportunity that may come along?
that ONE that’ll set you off into the golden limelight?

I think there’s more to this!

And if you kept reading this far, your little voice inside surely agrees: You deserve to be fulfilled to the core, to enjoy the whole process, be highly skilled at what you do AND make ends meet!
Yes, you know it already: to live as gracefully as you desire and be fully connected with your purpose, that’s what you want! Did you know that when you tap into your best potential you could actually transform the world on a go-by?!

In Ancient Times, the dancer was celebrated as the divine messenger, the one who expresses god’s wisdom into physical movement. Why not use this skill today in order to enhance our lifestyle?
I’m about to release a package that’s tailored uniquely for dancers and physical performers. You’ll learn step-by-step how to manifest the life you desire and make that passion work for you in the ways that feel right to YOU… with (Gr)ease Lightnin’!

This is not a quick-fix solution! I am not selling you the fake golden cage, ok let’s be frank here! This will require energy and real commitment! I’m about to shift your vibration to a high end performer level and this will take some devotion from your side, too.
The great thing is, you can take each step in your own time and follow the thread of transformation with your own beat of the life drum!

So let’s get to the core of it and the practical side. What does this work entail?
Well, there are 2 options:


SIL IMG_0584orign_small


Divine Dancer Ecourse

This course is aimed for the performer with a busy schedule. It will require a rather light load of commitment as you can be flexible with how you listen in and take the time to incorporate each tool into your lifestyle. You can pick and choose to go.

  • a first aid ebook for the dancer
  • a Q&A to figure out where you are (emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially, financially) and what you’d like to focus on during this transformation (you can go as deep as you like and work at your own pace)
  • guided meditations to connect you with your heart space, rekindle your creativity, reactivate your money manifestation skills, past live regression (to release blocks related with finances, injuries, “not good enough”-feelings), get your life-mojo back, the total body love energy wrap, meet the goddess in you, and more!
  • 2 dancer life- themed webinars
  • a pack of tools that you can easily apply on a daily basis (even on tour) to connect you with your divine dancer essence
  • one 20 minutes mini session with me
  • access to a private facebook group where you can connect with like-minded dancers, a sacred space where you can share your questions, needs and successes
  • a DIY recipe book to handle stage/audition fright


Giant Split VIP Pass

If you’d like to go more in-depth with this work and release the blocks on a deeper soul level. This program is for the performer willing to dive to the roots of their soul calling, unearth the spiritual wires, heal wounds, empower themselves and the the next big leap to a whole new level of life.

Before you take the leap of faith and enroll, we will have a free consultation where we will discuss if this course is truly right for you. It is very important to me that you will be at ease with my energy and that we can work together in a beautiful way, because harmony is at the core of my services. Also due to the weekly to bi-weekly workshops it will require you to show up to set appointments and follow the Divine Dancer tools more closely so that you’ll get the most out of your sessions.

What does the Giant Split VIP Pass include?

  • 1 free consultation before you enroll
  • 8 week intensive cocooning time for yourself where you and I will work closely together to ignite your divine dancer spirit
  • Free access to the Divine Dancer Program
  • 4 one-to-one sessions with me (45 mins each) or 2 sessions of 1.5hrs each split over 6 weeks
  • 1 personalized essential oil blend to suit your ideal performer ID
  • 1 dancer rebirth ritual in a studio (if you are based in London) or via video conference.During this meeting we’ll reconnect you with your spark and rekindle your creative fires. We’ll work on your movement together and this can be personalized for an upcoming event (show/audition/exam/competition)
  • 1 follow up session 2-3 months after you complete the program.
    This will allow you to see how much you have progressed and we’ll share on the impact of the Giant Split in your life, possibly raise questions and solutions for your future.SILF IMG_0593orign_small

If this sounds like your perfect dream, come and dive in with me and the wonderful community of dancers who just like you are following their unique calling!

Not quite sure? Why not book a free Q&A session with me and we’ll get clear on why and how this course would fit into your life right now!

I believe in divine guidance and things come into a place of joy and beauty when we open our hearts and listen. This could be just the step you will always remember in years and decades from now.

There are dancers and performers out there just like you,

Dancers who believe in the higher purpose of life, that the unique gift you were given as a dancer has so much more potential than the industry right now and sometimes yourself allow you to explore.

I believe that as dancers we have the golden key to the hearts of people and we need to stay connected to this sacred space in our soul in order to convey true meaning with our art, touch millions on our journey and inspire the future generations to come!

Thank you for sharing who you are in the world!
Thank you for being here!
Thank you for shining!
We need you!
You are divine!

In much love and joy to you,


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