Let’s light some fire today, shall we?!

When women ask me how to access more freedom and joy and I immediately look for the places they have collapsed their boundaries with loved ones, colleagues, clients and even themselves.

Contrarily to what most think: true freedom is not a result of complete openness. True freedom requires a rock of solid and powerful standards and boundaries. The way to elevate into love runs parallel to how safe and secure we feel in the world.

I know… you might have the story playing out in your mind, like I used to:
It’s not good to say NO
I don’t want to hurt anyone
I’d rather keep it to myself
It’s safer to hush
I don’t want any trouble…

Trust me goddess, this energetic collapse will backfire sooner or later, so let’s create a safety zone for your freedom, your pleasure and your healthy relationships to land and flourish.

Say it with me:

My NO is just as sacred as my yes!
I say NO to …(blank) and I will not waver this time!

Ok, claim your NO!

Day 4

Contemplate on things, behaviours, situations or people that make you feel small, unheard, frightened. You know, the ones that constrict your throat, turn your tummy upside down or feel definitely off in your system.

Write a list of the ones you’re no longer willing to tolerate, accept or allow.

Take a deep breath to acknowledge and feel the expression of your sacred BOUNDARIES in your body.

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable or like you can’t fully stand in them yet. It’s not so much about becoming rigid and firm and more about breathing into new levels of sovereignty.

Day 4 Pleasure Ritual

Self-pleasure with the intention of alchemising old memories that hurt you, you didn’t like sensually and sexually and transform them into pleasure.

For example if you recall being handled roughly, what would you have preferred instead? If you have a habit of getting off quickly, ask yourself what are you avoiding? Then offer this to yourself.

Beyond any NO is an unexpressed YES. Today you’re invited to explore your portal of pain to pleasure (which is always a portal to power).

Imagine a ring of fire appearing around you. It burns away all energies that are not aligned with your highest pleasure right now and amplify your inner life force energy as you soften into your deeper longings and desires.

Day 4 Embodiment

I love this Empress Embodiment Activation from ELEVATED GODDESS – one of my foundational programs for healthy relationships – to inspire the power of your inner royal womanly essence.

Claim your throne of feminine radiance and elevate into your highest vision & vibration as a Queen of your life, fully held and secure in the hands of the Cosmic Masculine!

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“That’s huge Lisy, thank you so much!! I’ve not realized until now that orgasm is such a magnifier!” – Sandra

“I really enjoyed the call last night and I am looking forward to everything that has come with it. I am super excited about it all!” – Halle 

“I took notes and I’m actually going to try to have orgasms every day and work with them. As well, I started practicing orgasmic meditation. Most of all to actually realize how powerful we are!” – Elena 

“I have been practicing a little and oh my goodness is that an amazingly juicy experience!!” – Emily 


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