Divine Cash Queen


8 weeks to catapult your life into ecstatic living and riches!

+ Reveals the secrets to “manifesting MONEY with ease”

+ Addresses lack, scarcity, running out of money – syndrome with powerful shifts in your mental, emotional and energetic body 

+ Helps you open the energy for unexpected cash, feeling safe and protected through any debt or wealth block situation

+ Lays out the foundations for effortless overflow and multiple streams of income 

+ Heals the wounded “broke but happy” syndrome

+ Portrays the sacred sex codes and self-pleasure rituals to awaken the Kundalini (root chakra) Blueprint (the gateway to life force energetics and creating a long lasting bond with wealth consciousness and continuously making more)

Module 1 + 2    FOCUS (the  “rich peoples” money mindset)

Module 3 + 4     AWAKEN  (your orgasmic body assisting your journey to wealth)

Module  5 + 6     CATALYSE (the Queen and Wild Woman Power to set new energetic financial standards)

Module 7 + 8      PIVOT (ground breaking business strategies for massive overflow)


>>>> 8hrs of pre-recorded Wealth Mastery Workshops
>>>> powerful exercises, self-pleasure rituals, book references

>>>> Worksheets 
>>>> Wealth Consciousness Meditation Playlist
>>>> Wealth Consciousness Ritual
>>>> Abundance Prayer and other Bonuses


FREE 1:1 MONEY BLOCK BUSTER CALL with Lisy worth £333
BONUS:  Sex Magic Masterclass worth £555


Yes, I deserve to be wealthy and powerful ! 

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“Lisy’s the real deal. I trust her completely ! She is truly supportive in actions as well as words. There is nothing she is afraid of dealing with, and she does it with compassion, wisdom and insight. She is quite frankly the dog’s bollocks; or as she likes to say, ovaries.

Her program’s been mind-blowing. Every session we’ve gone to places I wasn’t expecting, bringing so much clarity to things I’ve struggled with. I was brave before; I feel braver than ever now.” – Alison 

” I have increased my confidence and knowledge of energetic principles. I have also met so many other spiritual women in the process! I have realized that I am an awesome spiritual leader; I just need to bring it out more! You have inspired me to not give up on my dream of owning my own business.” Kayla

“My schedule is absolutely crazy, filled with teaching and taking courses, everything is really flowing so abundantly. I just had the most incredible time in India… ahh… I truly know working with you has been invaluable and helped me get to where I am now! ” – Lindsay

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