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For the woman who longs to know how her PLEASURE can find the way back into her life.

Pleasure is where a woman ATTRACTS what’s in alignment with her naturally and efficiently. 

The tools in this program will fill the time you would normally spend on impatiently “wait” for the universe to decide whether you deserve the life of our dreams or not with the confidence and trust that lays dormant in your feminine enrgy.

Your daily STATE OF BEING is the most powerful magnet for bliss and everything beyond. When there’s more, there’s always more…


+ activates your organic inner power of pleasure

+ works like an emotional detox on daily stress, anxiety, fear and worry

+ assists you in claiming your full expression as a woman in this world (women often report they are coming to a state of “wholeness” and finally being “at home in their body again”)

+ offers tantra inspired techniques and  simple tools to elevate your sensual consciousness

+ illuminates the roots of shame, guilt and low vibrations that “block” your happiness flow

+ seals drains and leaks in your energy field

+ initiates you into the sacred path of the ancient temple goddesses  in only 20 mins a day


>>>>  1 daily email for 7 days
>>>>  Digital Journals for easy implementation / progress tracking
>>>>  Meditations, Rituals, Dance Exercises and much more 
>>>>  A Bonus Suprise 



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“I wanted to tell you that I followed your advice and started to yoni-breathe every morning. Today, I sent a big variety of intentions, wishes and blessings to my yoni.

And then I got struck. Worthiness. Worthiness to experience pleasure. “No, you don’t deserve to experience pleasure“, I heard a voice say. Wow!

I stopped and did a work sheet. It was eye opening how I scribbled away and uncovered how many aspects of my life the belief that I don’t deserve to be pleased, has affected me.

Such a productive day! Thank you for your guidance!” – L.

“The most tangible results of working with Lisy are that I got more clarity in my transformations, I’m less fearful, I know that I’m constantly supported and deeper in touch with my intuition, and it got me working on my business more. Talking to her feels like talking to an old friend and lights your soul ♥️ ” – Ina 

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