Spirit BabiesConscious Conceiving


– conscious conception & pregnancy –

Divine Activation for the spiritual mum or mum-to-be

An open and non-judgmental conversation about pregnancy & spirit baby connection

An fun interactive workshop packed with easy tools.

What this Masterclass will offer:

✨ Establish the spiritual c
ommunication with your future children
✨ How to use your instinctive maternal energy for a better life

✨ Illuminate the foundations of conscious conception
✨ Establish the connection with your soulmate partner (father of your children)
✨ Healing from a traumatic pregnancy experience
✨ Soothe emotional wounds & fears around birth, miscarriage or abortion

✨ Transform a painful or numb link with a deceased baby / child so you can move on with peace

✨ Shed a ground-breaking perspective over a difficult relationship with your mother / father

This course is for you if  desire to become pregnant right now or in the far future.

You can begin to channel this divine mother energy now and create your life from a place of infinite support, love and protection!


>>>> 2hr Masterclass
>>>> Guided Meditation “Spirit Baby Connection” by Lisy




Talk to your SPIRIT BABY ! 

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“This wisdom is amazing! I’ll never ever feel like missing out on my natural creative well again! This stuff was way beyond my expectations and my bar was so high! wow…” – Sophie

“I was able to make peace with my miscarriage. I never believed it would be possible to feel so at peace with myself and my baby. Thank you so much” – Helen 

“Power, love, goddess, connection ! Lisy feels you and tells you exactly what you need with love and being realistic! She understands your situation, we all are humans with schedules and emotions, and she works with your true yourself. Amazing ! ”  – Sandra

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