Support your life’s greatest evolution with an individual session


Dive into the sacred art of intuitive Guidance to reveal your unique energy signature, soul calling and divine alignments for the next 6 months.

Some of the techniques available: Tarot, Oracle, Dowsing, Theta Healing, Aura Reading, Mediumship and more

BONUS: Recorded for unlimited replays.
Normally 222 EUR


This 1:1 Soul Transmission offers guidance and answers to your most pressing questions through the Divine Channel Anna La Laneia.

Anna La Laneia is Lisy’s Galactic Spirit Guide and has come through for Lisy since 2010 revealing ancient Temple Mysteries, Pleiadian teachings and transformational wisdom from Ancient Lemuria.

Anna La Laneia has now given permission for the wider public to access her channel for 1:1 soul transmissions.


Activate the Highest Vibration for Your Extraordinary Life.

Using the most advanced frequency technology on the global market, a highly advanced & sensitive device that plugs into the quantum field and measures the vibrations from over 144.000 frequencies.

This session offers a personalised scan to source an estimation of the frequencies and energetic values that are in the highest resonance for you at this particular moment of your life.

You receive visual transcripts of each scan & an activation of your choice to release the frequency therapy into your bioenergetic field
Normally 144 EUR


A full day of premium mentoring to set a powerful standard, create a foundational structure and embody a coherent frequency template to leverage your business and soul mission to the next level with lucidity, strategy and alignment.

VIP INTENSIVES usher in your most pressing break-through and assist your leap into your highest destiny.


1:1 time with Lisy Butterfly to support your personal journey with the DanceManifestationpractice.

Buy 1 DanceManifestation Masterclass (*) & get 2x Cosmic Dancer Calls to deepen your transformational experience

(*)only for DM for Abundance & Wealth or DM for Big Dreams)


A premium consultation to empower you in wealth, wellness and natural well being. This is your laser-focused time to discuss your most pressing questions about essential oils and more.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Welcome Gift & 1 Year Membership with 25% savings on all products sitewide for 1st booking & bonus follow-up support session
Normally EUR 111


Lisy’s programs changed my life.  It was my first deep dive into feminine magnetism and it was so powerful. Lisy did a great job explaining all the concepts, which helps me with her further courses. I find that when I start a course, I just feel SO magnetized to the work and I feel it unfold 10x in my life.

— Lindsay Nova, Aerial Yoga Teacher

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